How To Unblock A Virus

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How To Unblock A Virus
How To Unblock A Virus

Video: How To Unblock A Virus

Video: How To Unblock A Virus
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Today the number of computer viruses exceeds one million varieties and subspecies. Moreover, most of the viruses get into the computer when you connect to the Internet and visit Internet resources. Some viruses are practically harmless and do not harm the computer, others can completely disrupt the system's performance and actually "kill" the hard drive.

How to unblock a virus
How to unblock a virus


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You can "catch" a virus on almost any site, even if it has demonstrated impeccable cleanliness until today - even large sites regularly try to hack and infect with a virus. If this succeeds, the compromised site becomes a source of infection for other computers.

If a virus has entered your computer, you must immediately run the anti-virus program in the full scan mode of hard and removable drives, system folders and archives. It is also necessary to disconnect the Internet connection and do not use removable disks until the scan is completed in order to avoid infecting other computers.

Step 2

When a virus is detected, the antivirus program will notify you with a sound signal or by displaying the location of the virus in the scan log. Found viruses must be removed using the service of the anti-virus program.

If the virus has blocked the computer, you can perform a rather risky operation: overwrite all necessary and important data from hard drives to removable media and format the hard drives of the computer. Removable media will need to be immediately checked for viruses on another computer with high-quality antivirus software and infected files should be deleted. The operating system and the complex of programs used on a formatted computer will have to be reinstalled. However, this option is much safer and more economical than the need to change the hard drive or the entire computer.

Step 3

In some cases, if the computer is forced to shut down in a timely manner, the virus infection process can also be interrupted. However, this action does not cancel the subsequent scan by the anti-virus program.

In the event that no independent actions help unblock the virus and the infected computer, there is nothing left but to call a specialist. Perhaps a total cleaning will help bring the computer back to life, although more often than not, with such a strong infection, you have to completely change the system.