How To Find A Person By Login

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How To Find A Person By Login
How To Find A Person By Login

Video: How To Find A Person By Login

Video: How To Find A Person By Login
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In some cases, a login on the Internet is all that we know about a new acquaintance or an old friend with whom we have not communicated for a long time. With such meager information, it is hard to count on the fact that in the end a person can be found by login. But it's worth a try.

How to find a person by login
How to find a person by login


  • - computer;
  • - Internet connection.


Step 1

Login is not so little. Since, if once an Internet user came up with a successful login, then, as a rule, he tries to use it when registering in all social networks and forums. After all, one layout of letters is much easier to remember than to come up with different combinations over and over again.

Step 2

You should start your search just with social networks. VKontakte, My World, Odnoklassniki, My Circle, e-mail, ICQ and Mail Agent are just a few of the currently popular sites and programs, where millions of users are registered. Perhaps one of these tens of thousands of people is your acquaintance.

Step 3

Go to any of these sites using your username and password. After you receive admission to all portal services, you need to find the "Search" button. It is available on all social networks, without exception. In the menu that will be displayed on the screen, enter all the information you have about the person. If you only know the login, then write it in the search field. After all these steps, click the button with the magnifying glass. It is usually located to the right of the search box.

Step 4

Then, on the already updated page, all the results found for your request will appear, that is, the names and surnames of people who use this or a similar login on the Internet. You just have to look through their pages, find the right person and add to your friends.

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