How To Find A Person In A Chat

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How To Find A Person In A Chat
How To Find A Person In A Chat

Video: How To Find A Person In A Chat

Video: How To Find A Person In A Chat
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Chat is an amazing space on the vast expanse of the Internet. This is a place for people to communicate in real time, when participants discuss issues of interest to them, what is called "here and now", experiencing the incomparable joy of communicating with friends or like-minded people. But sometimes the difficult question arises of how to find a person in the chat. Moreover, if you yourself are not a member of this Internet community.

How to find a person in a chat
How to find a person in a chat


Step 1

Type in the search engine the name or address of the chat you are interested in.

Step 2

Enter your chosen chat, for which enter your username and password in the window on the main page. In the event that you have not entered this chat before, please register. To do this, it is usually enough to enter in the login line the nickname (the name under which you will communicate with other participants) that you like. Choose any nickname: it can be either your own name or an arbitrary set of letters or numbers. You can also choose an arbitrary password. The main thing is that you yourself do not forget your nickname and password.

Step 3

Look carefully on the current page for the nicknames of the chatlan (chat participants). It is possible that among them you will meet exactly the one that indicates the person you are looking for. The nicknames of online participants can also be viewed in the side or bottom panels on the screen usually available in chats.

Step 4

Do not be discouraged if at the moment you appear in the chat the person you are looking for is not. Look at the screen page and click on a few of the windows commonly found in chat rooms. Boxes with names such as "Top Members", "Members", "Users" or other similar ones usually contain information about the participants. To do this, most often it is enough to click on the participant's nickname. Just keep in mind that the information about himself "chatlanin" indicates only the one that he himself considers it possible to disclose in this way. It may contain an indication of the city in which the participant lives, age, beliefs, preferences in a particular area of life, as well as his icq (ICQ), email address or other information about the possibility of contact with him.

Step 5

We did not find the information and the participant himself - there is another way to find a person in the chat. Ask for help from the participants who are online at this moment, as well as to the chat administration. Here are just the reasons that you give must be really convincing. Perhaps the regular members or the admin will pass your request on to the addressee, who may visit the chat at a different time.

Step 6

Enter the chat several times during the day. If the person you are looking for appeared in the vastness of this resource, the time of his last appearance there is usually recorded. This will give you the opportunity to calculate the possible time of his next visit and still find him and meet in the chat.

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