How To Remove An Ad Video

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How To Remove An Ad Video
How To Remove An Ad Video

Video: How To Remove An Ad Video

Video: How To Remove An Ad Video
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Malicious programs and files exist in the form of commercials that appear in the browser menu or when the computer starts up. Some of them can be uninstalled, and some of them sometimes require reinstalling the operating system. Therefore, it is recommended to always use an anti-virus system with network scanning function on your computer.

How to remove an ad video
How to remove an ad video


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Step 1

To remove the commercial that appears when you turn on the computer, use special antivirus software, best of all the developer Doctor Web, since he is the best at detecting malware.

Step 2

To do this, go to in your browser and then download the Cure IT utility to your computer. It runs without prior installation, checking the computer's files, boot sectors and RAM. After removing the found malicious elements, perform a full scan of your computer and removable drives that you usually use.

Step 3

If a commercial appears when the operating system is loaded or the browser is launched, while preventing you from performing the necessary actions, start the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Alt + Ctrl + Esc keyboard shortcut, and then find the process responsible for launching it.

Step 4

Right-click on it and in the context menu that appears, select the "End process tree" item. After that, rewrite the name of the malicious program and delete its entries in the Windows Registry Editor, available by entering the regedit command in the Run utility menu.

Step 5

Press the button for searching entries by it in the menu of the registry editor and use the name of the program as a key. Delete all entries associated with it, and after that go to search for files on a computer with this name.

Step 6

Restart your computer and download antivirus software with network scanning function and run a full scan of your computer. Please note: many of the banner ads that appear on your computer may contain information on unblocking by sending SMS messages to a specific number. Do not do this under any circumstances.

Step 7

Rewrite the phone number and enter a query on it in the search engine to find out which unlock code you need to enter. This is relevant for those cases when the banner completely blocks the work of all computer users, including the administrator. This is where you need an alternative way to go online.

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