How To Put Rates On The Server

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How To Put Rates On The Server
How To Put Rates On The Server

Video: How To Put Rates On The Server

Video: How To Put Rates On The Server
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The process of creating and configuring servers is quite complex. It consists of several tasks, the solution of which individually is no longer something really difficult. For example, you need to put CS rates on the server.

How to put rates on the server
How to put rates on the server


Step 1

In this area, there is such a term as loss. This is a number that indicates how many packets were lost on the way from the server to you. It usually indicates a mismatch between the server's outgoing and your incoming channels. Quite often, loss occurs when a wireless connection is used. This value cannot be controlled, but it is possible to operate with the bandwidth of network channels.

Step 2

The sv_maxrate value is responsible for the maximum throughput of the network channel of a particular server, taking into account the client side. Currently, as a rule, clients set a rate of 25000. In this case, the server must support this client's speed, therefore the recommended sv_maxrate value for you is also 25000.

Step 3

Similar to the previous value, sv_minrate denotes the minimum bandwidth of the network channel. It is more difficult here. It is clear that this will be a value not exceeding 25000. Here choke - packet loss - can come into play. They most often occur at the very beginning of the round (when it comes to multiplayer), then reach 100. Or it can happen during shootouts and other dynamic crowd scenes.

Step 4

To get rid of the choke, write sv_minrate 50,000, thereby obliging the client or player to work on the rate of 25,000, no less.

Step 5

The server configuration files also contain the sv_minupdaterate and sv_maxupdaterate values. These are respectively the maximum and minimum number of updates that can be sent by the server to the client per second. These values, apparently, depend directly on the FPS server.

Step 6

The client usually sets the cl_updaterate value to 101. So that the game does not lag, the sv_maxupdaterate value for you should also be 101. At the same time, your server should keep 1000 stable FPS.

Step 7

The sv_minupdaterate is more complicated. In theory, if you follow the logic of setting sv_minrate and sv_maxrate values, you will probably come to the conclusion that you need to set 202. However, in practice, this is a bit too much. Even at 101, something amiss is happening to the server. Therefore, it is recommended to set sv_minupdaterate to 20.

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