How To Find Out Server Rates

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How To Find Out Server Rates
How To Find Out Server Rates

Video: How To Find Out Server Rates

Video: How To Find Out Server Rates
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By developing a character in an online game, users gain experience and various virtual objects. The indicators that determine the amount of experience gained and other bonuses for a certain action in the game are called rates.

How to find out server rates
How to find out server rates


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Step 1

Basic information about the server, including the rates set on it, can be found by going to the site of the project of interest. Open the home page of the site and view it. Often the necessary data is located on it. Characteristics can be indicated in an article describing the advantages of a server or in a separate block demonstrating its status. If you did not find rates on this page, study other sections of the Internet resource. First of all, pay attention to the headings "About Us", "About the server".

Step 2

Also, the game rates can be indicated on the project forum. Explore its sections. As a rule, if a project has several servers, then the forum has a section for each of them with an indication of the game rates.

Step 3

If for some reason the rates are not indicated on the game's website, try contacting the technical support of the project. Find the contact details of the administrator and write him a message. In most cases, email, ICQ or Skype account is specified as contacts.

Step 4

If you want to know about a new server for your favorite game, subscribe to the project's newsletter. The messages sent out contain information about the rates and the server opening date.

Step 5

Detailed information about the game rates can be found on the site that compiles the rating of popular servers. You can find such a site using one of the search engines. To do this, type in the phrase "Top servers" or "Server rating" in the search bar and the name of the game you are interested in. As a rule, on such a site you can view the entire list of Internet projects or use an advanced search using filters by rates, server online and game version.

Step 6

You can find out the characteristics of the server from the people who play it. You can ask questions to any player directly in the game using the built-in chat or poll people registered on the clan sites.

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