How To Play As A Druid

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How To Play As A Druid
How To Play As A Druid

Video: How To Play As A Druid

Video: How To Play As A Druid
Video: HOW TO PLAY DRUID 2023, March

Typically, in World of Warcraft, the druid rarely engages in combat alone, usually accompanied by a group of other heroes who cover him. The Druid primarily acts as a healer and mage, which has outstripped his popularity in raid groups. At the same time, despite the wide range of his abilities, it will be difficult for a druid to fight off the enemy alone.

How to play as a druid
How to play as a druid


Step 1

To play as a druid, simply develop all of his abilities evenly. If you expect to send your hero into close combat, pay special attention to the development of his beast form.

Step 2

It is easiest to play as a druid against a Hunter class hero. When faced with an enemy, take on beast form and rush into melee, ignoring the damage that the hunter and his pet inflict on you. After destroying the enemy, take on human form and heal.

Step 3

When fighting a Warrior or Paladin class player, rely on your stamina and ability to heal. Take on the beast form and attack first. In battle, try to inflict as many blows as possible in order to stun the enemy. After that, while the stunned enemy cannot attack you, quickly restore your health and continue striking. As a result, the enemy's health should come to an end earlier than yours.

Step 4

When fighting the Mage class, in no case try to attack it with spells from afar. Immediately take on beast form and break through the hail of enemy spells to the enemy. Apply various spells that will keep the enemy mage in place while you attack him in melee. If you didn't manage to reach the mage right away, stay close to him, constantly restoring your health and waiting for an opportune moment to attack.

Step 5

After meeting with the Shaman class, attack him in beast form as soon as possible and prevent the placement of healing and mana restoration totems. If the enemy still managed to install them, try to drive the shaman away from them in order to deprive him of their support. In addition, if time permits, destroy the most powerful totems to weaken the shaman and tear him to pieces in close combat.

Step 6

When fighting the Rogue class, attack the area around you with spells that hit the squares. Even if the damage from them is not great, this will illuminate the enemy using invisibility on the screen. Finding him, take the beast form and rush into battle. Periodically hit the squares with spells so as not to lose sight of the enemy. As in most battles, melee attack the enemy, periodically restoring health.

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