How To Capture A Fort For Yourself

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How To Capture A Fort For Yourself
How To Capture A Fort For Yourself

Video: How To Capture A Fort For Yourself

Video: How To Capture A Fort For Yourself
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Forts in the Lineage game are the living area of the clan and can be acquired or captured during a siege. The size of the forts may vary, and the location of the selected fort allows it to be classified as territorial or border.

How to capture a fort for yourself
How to capture a fort for yourself


Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the general rules for conducting a siege of the selected fort - the classification of the participating ones into allies, enemies and neutrals, the need to reach at least level 4 and pay the first clan registering for the siege. Please be aware that registration time is limited to 50 minutes and the siege can be canceled. Make sure that siege participants have a sword mark and those besieged have a shield mark.

Step 2

Determine the moment of the beginning of the siege of the fort by changing the area to a combat area and place your headquarters in it. Make sure all fort doors are locked and set the Fotress Defense Level.

Step 3

Find the main Command Camp in the central area of the besieged fort and try to capture all the defenders' camps within the first 10 minutes of the siege to automatically open the main camp. This implies the need to destroy each of the Commander NPCs and turn off the power in the Control Room.

Step 4

Use Ballista Bombs to destroy the ballistas of the besieged fort and gain additional clan reputation. Failure to destroy all Commander NPCs within 10 minutes will result in them re-appearing and having to kill them again. Successful adherence to all siege rules will open the Command Camp doors and spawn three Combat Flags in the camp.

Step 5

A prerequisite for obtaining Combat Flags is also the preservation of the life of the Mercenary Captain. The death of the siege participant holding the flag causes the flag to return to its original position. The capture of a fort is symbolized by placing a Combat Flag using the Display Flag option at the top of the Command Camp.

Step 6

Use an alternative method of taking over the fort by disabling the Control Room. The size of the fort may require the use of combined siege methods - in a large fort, you will have to destroy all Commander NPCs, turn off the Control Room and raise the flag.

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