How To Play As Elves

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How To Play As Elves
How To Play As Elves

Video: How To Play As Elves

Video: How To Play As Elves
Video: How to Play the High Elves 2023, March

The night elves are one of the most beautiful and mysterious races in Warcraft 3. They are excellent elemental mages and excellent marksmen, and the ability to become invisible at night turns them into formidable opponents at this time of day.

How to play as elves
How to play as elves


Step 1

Starting the game as elves, out of 6 fireflies given to you, send 4 to mine gold, and 1 to grow the Tree of War. Let the last firefly build the moonwell, and then send it to the construction of the altar. After the buildings are ready, hire the Demon Hunter hero in the altar. Send a free firefly on reconnaissance, in search of the enemy base. In addition, hire more fireflies and send them to mine the forest.

Step 2

In the Tree of War, hire some archers and a couple of hunters. With the hero at the head, send them to the enemy base. Move to the enemy barracks and kill his soldiers, who will leave them one by one. As soon as the enemy raises the alarm, retreat to your base and heal the wounded soldiers at the moonwell.

Step 3

After a short respite, again make a raid on the enemy base. Do this until such attacks become fraught with heavy losses for you, and the enemy begins to snap back with retaliatory raids. After that, switch to killing neutral monsters and develop your hero.

Step 4

In the meantime, build the House of Winds and start upgrading your archers. Grow a shop and a tree of wisdom. In the store, buy suitable equipment for your hero, and in the Tree of Wisdom, hire raven druids. If the enemy has a lot of magicians, hire dryads and magic dragons, and on the altar call another hero - the Keeper of the Grove.

Step 5

Hire more hunters and send them all over the map, planting hunting owls on trees that will monitor the terrain. Then hire mountain giants and a large number of archers and druids.

Step 6

Start ordering flying units, primarily hippogriffs and chimeras. Place the archers on the hippogryphs and send them along the edge of the map to the enemy base. Lead the rest of the army to attack positions.

Step 7

Attack the enemy workers who are extracting gold from the mine with flying hippogryphs and distract his main forces to protect them. At this time, attack the enemy base with ground forces. Send mountain giants ahead and use their ability to distract enemy attacks. At this time, send chimeras to destroy enemy buildings, and archers and hunters to destroy enemy manpower. Send heroes to deal with enemy magicians, and order your druids to enchant the most dangerous opponents. After that, just finish off the scattered and lack of magical support army.

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