How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft?

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How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft?
How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Fridge In Minecraft?
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Any inveterate "minecraft" knows: to survive in this game you need at least a simple dwelling. In order to feel comfortable there, many players strive to better equip their own virtual home, furnishing it with homemade furniture and household appliances. Often they also create a refrigerator. Fully, as in the real world, it does not function, but it will come in handy for storing some things (first of all, edibles).

A refrigerator and other household items are the best way to equip a home in
A refrigerator and other household items are the best way to equip a home in

Refrigerated dispenser

In the manufacture of a refrigerator in minecraft, one cannot do without such a mechanical device as a dispenser or dispenser. It is intended in the game for the automatic dispensing or ejection of various objects and from the inside is a chest-like storage device measuring three by three cells.

The dispenser is crafted on the workbench - from seven cobblestones, one unit of redstone dust (redstone) and a new bow (damaged for such purposes will not work). The latter can be easily made from three threads and the same number of wooden sticks. The first ones are located in the left or right vertical row of the workbench. Wooden sticks will occupy half of its remaining slots so that two of their units are located next to the column of threads, and one is in the middle horizontal row.

The bow needed for the dispenser, in addition to crafting, is also obtained in the battle with skeletons. True, this drop drops out when killing these hostile mobs is very rare.

The resulting bow is then placed in the central cell of the workbench, redstone dust is located under it, and the rest of the empty spaces go to seven cobblestones. The dispenser is ready - all that remains is to assemble the other elements of the refrigeration unit.

Creating the rest of the refrigerator parts

In addition to the dispenser, you will need a few more items for the fridge drawer. First of all, there is an iron door. It is easy to create it on a workbench if you have six iron ingots in your inventory or other supplies. They need to be placed in the two rightmost vertical rows of the workbench - and you just have to pick up the finished product.

The player can get iron ingots in his inventory if he obtains the appropriate ore and melts it in a furnace using coal. Sometimes ingots made from this material also come across in treasures and abandoned mines.

When creating a refrigerator, you cannot do without a button. It is easy to craft it on a workbench if you place a stone or a block of boards in its central slot. Many gamers argue that the first of the above materials is better because it is closer in color to the desired household appliance.

It will not work to make a refrigerator device without an iron block, which will serve as one of the parts of its body. However, many experienced players prefer to use a different material instead - usually snow or wool of the desired shade. Thanks to this, it will be possible to "play" with the color of the device.

Assembling and using the refrigerator

When all the details of the future household appliance are ready, there will be only one thing left - its installation. First, you need to put a dispenser on the floor, and put an iron, snow or woolen block on it. A button is placed on top of a similar design.

Many difficulties arise when installing the refrigerator door. It will take some skill. Experienced "minecrafters" advise: for successful installation of the door, you need to stand on the side of the blocks and place it directly on the floor in front of the dispenser - then everything will be completed successfully.

In the finished refrigerator, all that remains is to put the edibles. When you press the button, the door of the household appliance will open - and food will fly out of there. However, many gamers often store not only food in such a refrigerator, but also arrows or snowballs. Not a bad trap for griefers, the dream of those who want to protect their home from them.

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