Why Are There Red Ghosts In The Sims 2?

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Why Are There Red Ghosts In The Sims 2?
Why Are There Red Ghosts In The Sims 2?

Video: Why Are There Red Ghosts In The Sims 2?

Video: Why Are There Red Ghosts In The Sims 2?
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Games are a real space for imagination. In particular, the developers of Sims 2 have tried. Many people have heard about this simulator at least once. But at the same time, this game raises many questions.

Why are there red ghosts in the sims 2?
Why are there red ghosts in the sims 2?

What is The Sims 2?

The Sims 2 is a sequel to The Sims, a computer game in the genre of "life simulator". Here, the characters were able to transfer genetics to descendants and age periods appeared - infancy, childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. The last period ends with the life of the character.

Three towns have appeared in the game. The first city, Novoselsk, continues the storyline of The Sims, but 25 years later. Kitezhgrad has a desert landscape with paranormal phenomena. And Verona is a province based on the plays of William Shakespeare.

The main goal of the game is to guide the character from the beginning of his life to death. A child is born after having sex. The mother's pregnancy lasts three days. When a baby is born, the player can give him a name.

Characters age automatically every 24 hours. To move into the next stage of development, you can use cake or simply the "Grow up" command.

Sims need to develop insignia, skills, and relationships with other Sims. This is necessary in order to successfully move up the career ladder. Also, the player must take care of the happiness of his character. To do this, you should fulfill his desires, experience fears and fulfill his needs.

Red ghosts and more

Red ghosts in The Sims 2 only happen in one case - when killed by fire. This is perhaps the most common type of death.

Poor cooking skills and food forgotten on the stove may be the cause of a fire. A less common cause is equipment caught fire while being repaired.

To prevent a fire, you need to set up an alarm. At her call, firefighters will come and put out the fire. The ghosts of those killed by fire can have a fondness for technology.

If your Sim died of hunger, then her ghost will be white. He will come at night and look in the refrigerator. If there is no refrigerator on the site, it will become aggressive and start to scare the residents of the house. To prevent starvation of the character, do not forget to feed him in time.

There are also green ghosts in the game. This happens when you die from an illness. Getting sick in The Sims 2 isn't easy. But if this happens, bed rest is required. If you do not follow it, the disease will worsen and the character will die of pneumonia.

If Sim died of illness, wait for an enchanting performance at night. The ghost will grab his throat, fall to the floor and moan, showing his demise.

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