How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?

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How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?
How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Shower In Minecraft?
Video: How to Build a REALISTIC WORKING SHOWER in Minecraft! (NO MODS!) 2023, March

At that stage of "Minecraft", when the main protective structures have already been built and the necessary tools, weapons and armor have been made, and the player has accumulated a certain amount of various resources, he begins to think about how to find a worthy use for them. For example, equip your home with realistic pieces of furniture and plumbing, including a shower.

Minecraft is a popular game
Minecraft is a popular game

Why make a shower in minecraft

In the popular game, gamers have to regularly visit the mine to extract materials, fight monsters, cultivate their own beds and perform other very difficult tasks, no one there, naturally, does not sweat or get dirty. This is not surprising, because everything happens exclusively in the virtual space.

Nevertheless, there are many gamers who strive for more and more realism and equip their gaming house with what surrounds them in their everyday life outside of computer games. A good shower stall is one of such indispensable attributes of human existence, which can accompany players in Minecraft and on the other side of the monitor.

Experienced players usually come up with the design of the shower themselves. And there are at least two ways to install it - inside the house or as an independent object on the street (like those booths that many Russians have in their summer cottages, but automated). Only the principle remains unchanged: water flows due to the activation of the pressure mechanisms of the sticky piston and redstone system.

To create the glass plates, you need six matching blocks. They are installed in the two lower horizontal rows of the workbench. The end result is sixteen beautiful transparent shower wall plates.

Shower crafting components with almost real glass pane

To make an ordinary shower - regardless of where it will be placed - you will need solid blocks (many take iron ones, because they look more like tiles), at least one sticky piston, redstone dust, a lever and glass. If the latter is not in your inventory, you can create it by burning any sand in a furnace.

Those who want to give their soul a greater resemblance to the present install glass plates. Thanks to them, the transparent walls of the shower will look thinner and more elegant. If you wish, you can even paint them with any of the dyes available in the game. True, this must be done even at the stage of glass blocks (from which plates are then crafted)

It is very difficult to work with such material - it turns out to be "disposable" because of its fragility. If you try to remove such blocks in case of incorrect installation, they will simply break. To prevent this from happening, you need to enchant your tool with Silk Touch.

The lever will be made from a wooden stick and a cobblestone. The former is placed in the center slot of the workbench, and the latter is placed directly below it. Sticky pistons are made by combining conventional such mechanical devices with green slime. If the player does not even have simple pistons, he can make them by placing three blocks of boards in the top row of the machine, an iron ingot in the central slot, a unit of redstone dust under it, and occupying the remaining four cells with cobblestones.

Some experienced gamers advise using two sticky pistons instead of one sticky piston (stacking them one on top of the other). This trick will prevent water seepage and leakage, which many Minecraft shower owners complain about.

How to make a shower stall

First you need to build the walls of the future shower from the selected solid blocks. If you intend to install it in a house or another finished building, it is advisable to do it in one of its corners. Then the walls of the building will already serve as the basis of the booth, and all that remains is to attach a glass unit to them from the corresponding plates or blocks.

Next, a roof is built. If the ceiling serves as it, just below it you need to build a structure in two or three blocks high with a gap of one square in the middle - water will flow from there. On the side of this mini-tunnel, you need to make a hole in which you insert a sticky piston, and in front of it a block (it will be an obstacle to the water flow when the shower is turned off).

Somewhere in a convenient place for the gamer on the wall or even on the ceiling next to the booth, a lever is installed. It remains only to lead a path from redstone dust from it to the piston. Some players, however, use the construction of blocks and red torches for such purposes. Now you need to pour water from a bucket into the upper container above the shower. When you press the lever, it will pour on the one who is in the booth.

Someone constructs a slightly different structure, using a stone pressure plate instead of a lever. It is installed directly on the shower floor and is connected to the sticky piston by a redstone dust and / or red torch system (depending on the design of the particular mechanism).

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