How Can You Play Games For Free?

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How Can You Play Games For Free?
How Can You Play Games For Free?

Video: How Can You Play Games For Free?

Video: How Can You Play Games For Free?
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To play a computer game without paying anything for it, it is not necessary to engage in piracy. Some of the game programs are free by the developers themselves. Some of them work online, while others can be run outside the browser.

How can you play games for free?
How can you play games for free?


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Please note that copyright to a computer program, including a game, is valid in the same way as the right to any other work - throughout the life of the author and 70 years after his death. For this reason, computer games that have passed into the public domain due to the expiration of the term of protection do not currently exist. There are only games made free by the developers themselves. Outdated games that are released without the permission of the developers (abandonware) are illegal. Also, keep in mind that if your Internet tariff plan is not unlimited, you will have to pay for data transfer when downloading even free games. If you plan to download a lot of them, it is recommended to switch to an unlimited tariff with a fixed monthly payment, regardless of the amount of received and transmitted data.

Step 2

Install any major Linux distribution. Its set can include about twenty games of various genres - from logic to dynamic with high-quality graphics. One of the most famous games in this class is Tux Racer - a simulator of a penguin downhill downhill.

Step 3

Download our free FlightGear flight simulator. It is cross-platform, that is, it works on both Linux and Windows. In terms of capabilities, it is almost as good as commercial gaming programs for the same purpose.

Step 4

Amstrad, the current holder of the rights to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum platform, unlike many other manufacturers of game consoles and home computers, allows the creation of emulators of this machine using its ROM images. Go to the World of Spectrum website and download from it an emulator of this computer for the platform you are using. There you can also download free games to run in the emulator. They are posted on this site with the permission of the developers, but for many of them there is a ban on distribution through third-party sites.

Step 5

Games for the DOS operating system are located on the DOS Games Archive. Please note that some of them are distributed on the shareware principle, but the percentage of them is small. To run them on modern versions of Linux and Windows, use the DOSBOX emulator.

Step 6

Install the Flash Player plugin on your computer. After that, you will be able to play SWF games located on several hundred sites. Such game programs are available, for example, in one of the sections of the Atari website. They quite accurately imitate the work of some of the classic arcade machines from this manufacturer.

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