How To Install A Cheat For Minecraft

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How To Install A Cheat For Minecraft
How To Install A Cheat For Minecraft

Video: How To Install A Cheat For Minecraft

Video: How To Install A Cheat For Minecraft
Video: How To Get Cheats Minecraft 1.16.5 - Download & Install WURST Cheat Client + Fabric 2023, December

Many Minecraft gamers would be happy to make their game life easier. For example, get the resources you need faster and in much larger quantities than is provided, or become virtually invulnerable, so as not to risk your life with each clash with hostile mobs or with other players (with pvp activated). Cheats help a lot with this.

With some cheats, you can see the places of occurrence of valuable resources
With some cheats, you can see the places of occurrence of valuable resources


  • - administrative powers
  • - game console
  • - installer for cheats
  • - Minecraft Forge


Step 1

If you are thinking about installing this or that cheat, realize for yourself whether you really need it. On many multiplayer resources, such ways to facilitate gameplay are prohibited, and you can even get banned for using them. However, there is another side to this problem - playing with cheats is much easier and therefore will probably not be as interesting for you as if there are no cheats. Don't you want to experience the dangers of Survival or the toughest of all, hardcore?

Step 2

In the event that you nevertheless made a choice in favor of cheats, look how exactly the one that interests you is installed is installed. They usually exist in the form of commands or special mods. If the first is relevant, register the possibility of adding cheats even before the start of the gameplay, when generating a new world. Do not forget that on multi-user resources, only the administrator or, at least, an operator with a high access level is endowed with such powers.

Step 3

Open the same console through which you usually enter the chat. To do this, press T. Enter the command you want, by all means putting in front of it /. To teleport to any other player who is currently online, enter / tp and your own and his nicknames, to change the weather - / toggledownfall, to set a specific time of day - / time and the desired numerical value: 0 - for early morning, 6,000 for noon, 12,000 for evening and 18,000 for night. If for some reason you want to kill your character (for example, when he is stuck in blocks), write / kill.

Step 4

If necessary, install cheats made in the form of software products. Do this in the same way as you would normally install mods. Download the archive with the cheat and open it with a special program. Go to the directory with the game, and more specifically to minecraft.jar. Find it in the bin folder in.minecraft. You can find the latter by entering% AppData% in the Run line (for XP) or by searching for files and folders in the computer's start menu (for later versions of Windows).

Step 5

Copy the contents of the cheat installer folder to the Minecraft directory. If you already have other mods installed, make sure they are compatible with the cheat mod. Better yet, install a special add-on - Minecraft Forge: it is just created to synchronize game mods. Finally, delete the folder with the name META. INF from the game folder. He is responsible for the integrity of the previously available version of the game, and therefore in your case it will be a hindrance to starting the gameplay. After completing everything, open the game, generate a new world - and it will open already with the objects offered by the cheat mod.