How To Make Money In Photo Banks

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How To Make Money In Photo Banks
How To Make Money In Photo Banks

Video: How To Make Money In Photo Banks

Video: How To Make Money In Photo Banks
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You can make money on the Internet in a variety of ways, and one of these ways is to make money on photo banks. This kind of income is well suited for photographers or illustrators who want to profit from their work financially.

How to make money in photo banks
How to make money in photo banks


Step 1

Step 2

Don't charge too much for one photo. If the price is low, thousands of visitors can buy one photo, which means they will bring you a lot of money.

Step 3

Observe what genres of photography are most often sold on photobanks and enjoy the greatest success: business, animals, sports, health, people, nature, food, genre photography. Look at the websites of photobanks lists of the best-selling photographs and illustrations and draw for yourself the appropriate conclusions in which genres you should photograph in order to get a chance to earn money.

Step 4

Do not forget that your photos should not only correspond to the subject matter, but also be of high quality. Make sure you have a quality camera, good lenses, and the right lighting equipment. Make frames beautiful and harmonious compositionally.

Step 5

Be attentive to those frames that you expose when registering on the site - whether they pass the "exam" depends on whether you can work on this portal and sell your work. In addition, remember that part of the proceeds from the sale of frames is taken by the photo bank, which means that the percentage should not be too large for you to win.

Step 6

Always mark as many tags and keywords in your photos as possible so that potential buyers can easily find the right frames in their search for the right photo for their purposes.

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