How To Create Web Money

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How To Create Web Money
How To Create Web Money

Video: How To Create Web Money

Video: How To Create Web Money
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The WebMoney payment system will allow you to make real money virtual and pay for goods and services on the Internet. And vice versa, if you work on the Internet, with the help of WebMoney you can make virtual money real. It is quite easy to create a wallet on WebMoney, although it will take some time.

How to create web money
How to create web money


Step 1

Go to the website Before registering, download a special program for installing the WebMoney Keeper Classic wallet. Run the file. Read the wallet terms and conditions agreement. Check the box if you agree to these terms. Determine the directory on your computer where the file will be saved. Install it. After installation, you will be offered the WebMoney Advisor program. It shows whether the site you are visiting is safe from the WebMoney point of view. The wallet is installed.

Step 2

Launch the WebMoney wallet. Select "Register with WebMoney". The same can be done by going to the site. Fill out the registration form. It is advisable to leave real information about yourself. This will make it easier to restore the wallet if it is blocked. The phone number is especially important. If the wallet is blocked, an SMS with an unlock code will be sent to it. Check the entered data carefully. Then an SMS with a code will be sent to the phone number you specified. Enter it on the website. A letter with a registration code will be sent to your mailbox.

Step 3

Follow the link provided in the letter or enter the code. On the page that appears, follow the link "click here to start WebMoney Keeper Classic in the registration completion mode" again. Come up with a password to enter the wallet. Combine lowercase letters with uppercase letters. Use numbers and signs. In short, create the strongest password possible. Proceed further.

Step 4

In the new window, you are required to randomly press the keys. Thus, key generation starts. After completing the process, you will receive an identifier (or WMID). This is your wallet login. Be sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place. Do not forget to enter and save the key access code. You will need it if you reinstall the wallet. Now you will receive another letter with an activation code to your mailbox. Enter a code. The wallet is activated.

Step 5

On the main page, click on the "Wallets" button. Select "New" with the right mouse button. You can create wallets in rubles, dollars, hryvnias, Belarusian rubles and some other currencies. Choose the one you need. The created wallet will be assigned a number. It is him that you will have to report if someone wants to transfer money to you.

Step 6

To replenish your wallet, you need to get a formal passport. Click on the link "Alias certificate". Fill the form. You will be given a formal passport. Now you can top up your wallet.