How To Distinguish Jasper

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How To Distinguish Jasper
How To Distinguish Jasper

Video: How To Distinguish Jasper

Video: How To Distinguish Jasper
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Today, one can observe the popularity of gaming platforms such as Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Each of them is unique and over time new items appear on store shelves that are sometimes difficult to distinguish, for example, Jasper and Falcon from Xbox.

How to distinguish jasper
How to distinguish jasper


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The Xbox 360 is the continuation of the Xbox family of consoles. It was created and released under the patronage of Microsoft. New hardware and software revisions are quite difficult to distinguish externally. For this, the tactical and technical characteristics of each of the devices are used.

Step 2

Each new version is an improved and more powerful version of the previous instance. Thus, Jasper and Falcon differ in internal parameters, namely power. In fact, the release names are the technical names of different motherboards, the data of which cannot be the same.

Step 3

Game console devices not only have a motherboard, but also other internal devices, such as a power supply. In terms of their structure, the consoles are not much different from modern laptop computers; some Xbox revisions are equipped with network adapters and wi-fi adapters.

Step 4

To determine the version of the console, it is not at all necessary to disassemble it and look for the cherished letters on the printed circuit board inside the box. The entire range of Xbox 360 game consoles differ only in the power of the power supply. The first revision of Zephyr was equipped with a 203W device, in the next versions you can see a decrease to 175W (Falcon) and 150W (Jasper).

Step 5

It so happens that on the power supply itself, some values are overwritten, for example, its power. Despite the seeming hopelessness, it is still possible to find out the version. According to Ohm's Law, a decrease in total power leads to a decrease in one of the other two variables, such as current or voltage. Since the voltage remains the same, therefore, the current strength changes. If for the Falcon console the stable current value is 14.2 A, Jasper takes exactly 12.1 A. The cherished numbers are located on the back of the working surface of the game console.

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