How To Compose An Email Address

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How To Compose An Email Address
How To Compose An Email Address

Video: How To Compose An Email Address

Video: How To Compose An Email Address
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Any e-mail address consists of three parts: the name of the mailbox, the domain name of the provider providing the e-mail service, and the domain zone in which the mail service is registered. The scope for user creativity is limited by the choice of the provider itself and the name of his mailbox.

How to compose an email address
How to compose an email address


  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet.


Step 1

Leading providers providing mailboxes are usually known. For example, in Russia these are the search engines Yandex and Rambler, the mail server, the Western ones know the Gmail service on the Google and Hotmail search engines, and others.

If we are talking about corporate e-mail, the domain name and zone by default coincide with the official website of the company, while the employee, depending on the procedures in a particular company, is free to choose the name of the mailbox at his discretion or to follow the standard (for example, the first letter of the name and surname).

Step 2

On some open mail services, you can choose a domain name. For example, offers options,, and

In others, for example, in Yandex. Mail, it is possible to simultaneously use mailboxes in the domain zones of different CIS countries: ru, ua, etc.

Step 3

The possibility of choosing a name for a mailbox can be compulsorily limited only by the fact that the name it prefers is already occupied by someone. In many services, checking whether the desired nickname is free is available at the very beginning of the registration procedure. Some, if the desired name is taken, offer alternatives.

Step 4

The order of writing your own and any other address is simple: first comes the name of the mailbox, then the @ sign, followed by the domain name, and then after the dot - the zone.

For example: [email protected], [email protected] (possible matches with real email addresses are random).

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