How To Organize A Chat

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How To Organize A Chat
How To Organize A Chat

Video: How To Organize A Chat

Video: How To Organize A Chat
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Chat is a page on the Internet that allows you to communicate with many users at the same time. There are a great many of them all over the world wide web. There are chats on local networks, in organizations, there are users who create chats for themselves and their friends in order to communicate without strangers. This is very convenient for discussing a joint event.

How to organize a chat
How to organize a chat


Step 1

To create a chat, first select a site that provides free chat registration services. There are a lot of such resources on the Internet, for example, Before creating your chat, come up with a name for it that would be of interest to users and would not be busy on the resource that you have chosen

Step 2

Go through the registration procedure on the resource. To do this, you need to select the command "create your own chat" or "registration" (sign up) and fill in the form fields. First of all, this is the name for your chat - it will be substituted before the name of the resource that provides the registration service.

Step 3

Fill in the Email address field. An email address is needed to activate your chat. A special letter will come to him, in which you will be asked to follow the link to confirm the creation of the chat.

Step 4

Next, enter the password for your chat in the field. With its help, you will log in as its administrator and manage it. The Password field is filled in twice to avoid mistakes.

Step 5

Choose your chat language and style. Different resources offer different design styles. So you can make your chat and design it to your liking. Be sure to check the box "I am familiar with the rules". Next, when all the fields are filled in, click the button "register" or "create a chat" (create my chat).

Step 6

After registration, log into the system with your username and password and select the chat control panel. It contains many management tools, such as choosing a chat template, managing design, moderation and users (delete and add, rename). To create your own chat, it is not enough to register it. You will need a basic knowledge of the Html language to customize the chat appearance to your liking.

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