How To Detect A Keylogger

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How To Detect A Keylogger
How To Detect A Keylogger

Video: How To Detect A Keylogger

Video: How To Detect A Keylogger
Video: How to Detect Keylogger on your Computer? RAT Removal Guide 2023, March

Keyloggers or keyloggers have been around for over 10 years. During all this time, spy programs have been created that are capable of transferring logins and passwords from Internet user accounts. In some cases, people have lost millions of dollars by trusting suspicious resources and e-mails with rather strange content.

How to detect a keylogger
How to detect a keylogger


Antivirus software with constantly updated signature databases


Step 1

The easiest way to avoid being a spyware user is to be attentive. World practice shows that virus creators go to great lengths to take possession of other people's funds by stealing account logins and passwords.

Step 2

Pay your attention to the mails, they often come from sites that you have never come across before. For example, at one time, users of the Vkontakte network received letters from users asking them to see a photo. After clicking on the link, the user was "kicked out" from their account. As soon as he entered it again, the user's data was sent to an unknown address. The real address of the site is, and the link indicated, which can be seen with the naked eye.

Step 3

Use only modern antivirus software, stay tuned for the latest updates. Sometimes it makes sense to update not only the signature database, but also the version of the program, because each new version includes innovations and improvements to the problems of previous versions.

Step 4

If you have ever encountered keyloggers, you probably paid attention to the warnings of an antivirus product about unwanted software. Each antivirus recognizes a spy as some kind of software, which it is. To block such spyware, it is necessary to work together with an antivirus product. He can only indicate to you the reason, your goal is to figure out whether the specified file is really a keylogger.

Step 5

Another way to protect your computer from espionage is to use the virtual keyboard. The most common method that allows you to get rid of the theft of valuable data, such as passwords for access to Internet banking, databases, etc. When using any operating system from the Windows family, the virtual keyboard can be launched from the Start menu.

Step 6

Click the Start menu, select All Programs, go to Accessories, then Accessibility, and right-click On-Screen Keyboard. Select "Pin to Start Menu". The virtual keyboard can now be quickly opened by clicking the Start button.

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