How To Become A Site Owner

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How To Become A Site Owner
How To Become A Site Owner

Video: How To Become A Site Owner

Video: How To Become A Site Owner
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Having your own online presence is now the norm. It's rare to see a business card without a web address written on it. Both companies and ordinary people have sites who want to tell the world about their talents or hobbies.

How to become a site owner
How to become a site owner


  • - computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - money;
  • - time.


Step 1

Select the hosting that will host your future site. Find out what are the name options for it. Individuals often prefer free hosting, with long and not very memorable domains. For non-commercial purposes, this is sufficient. But for business, such an online representation is contraindicated. Find a provider and select a tariff based on the planned traffic to your site. The more popular the resource should be, the higher the requirements for the parameters of the service and, accordingly, the cost.

Step 2

Decide who will program your site and how. You can do it yourself if you have a good command of the HTML programming language or learn it. You can also use the services of special online constructors. There are free and not very complicated programs like Word-Press. Another way is to order a specialized company. In this case, you save time and effort, but increase your cash costs. But you will be able to get an individual design, the correct logic of the organization of the web space and professional quality.

Step 3

Buy the site you want. There are already many successful projects on the network, pick up some interesting options and enter into negotiations with their owners. You can use the services of special exchanges, or you can look for an economical option on SEO forums. To make the right choice, evaluate the amount of traffic and the quality of the site's audience. Predict how interesting it is in a commercial sense. After all, if you spend money on a purchase, you need to return it with a profit. Estimate the upcoming labor costs and the potential of the project. To make a trade correctly, split the amount into two parts. Pay the first one after re-registering the domain, and the second one - after completing all the technical procedures for transferring files and databases to your hosting, for transferring logins, passwords and checking the overall performance of the site.

Step 4

Do not forget to start promoting the resource. Without these efforts, traffic, and hence the return on the site, will be low. Promotional services are offered by many firms. And there are inexpensive options from several thousand rubles a month. If you are not happy with the rates in your area, look elsewhere. On the Internet, it doesn't matter where a particular company is located.

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