How To Make A Chest Out Of Wood In Minecraft

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How To Make A Chest Out Of Wood In Minecraft
How To Make A Chest Out Of Wood In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Chest Out Of Wood In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Chest Out Of Wood In Minecraft
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Death is not uncommon while playing Minecraft. This is especially fraught with newcomers to the game. Therefore, you need to create a warehouse as soon as possible, where spare things and valuable resources would be stored.



A chest is a container capable of storing blocks and items. One chest has 27 slots. A chest cannot be opened if there is an opaque block above it. The chest itself is considered transparent, so you can put the chests on top of each other, and this will not interfere with their opening. When the chest is destroyed, all the items in it will drop out.

If you put two chests next to each other, then they form a single large chest, which is twice as large in volume and can hold 54 stacks. A double chest cannot be opened if there is an opaque block above at least one of its halves. When one of its blocks is destroyed, only items from this half will drop out, and the remaining one will continue to function as a regular single chest. In the interface, the top half always corresponds to the chest block to the left.

Type - solid block

Where to look - do it yourself, treasures, fortresses, abandoned mines, villages

Transparency - no

Glow - no

Explosion resistance - 12, 5

Tool - hands (any object) / ax made of wood and above

Foldable - 64 pcs in a stack

Chests are generated in treasures, fortresses, desert and jungle temples, hell fortresses, villages, Ender cities and igloos. When a minecart with a chest, generated in an abandoned mine, is destroyed, a minecart, a chest and all its contents fall out.

How to make a chest out of wood?

  1. You need to get eight wooden planks.
  2. Place the boards on the crafting table. Use the chest recipe to create a chest. Put boards in every slot except the middle one.
  3. Place the chest. Always place the chest so that there is enough free space around it, otherwise you will not be able to open it.

Keep in mind that there are very few blocks that will not prevent the chest from opening if you place them on top of it. These are water, lava, leaves, cactus, glass, snow, stairs, cupcakes, bed, fence, another chest, torch, tables, sleepers and some others (translucent blocks)

Interesting Facts

  • Chests can not only be crafted, but also found in treasures, abandoned mines, fortresses, villages, igloos, cities of the End and temples.
  • Chests don't burn.
  • Steps, other chests, and any transparent block above a chest do not interfere with opening it.
  • The chest cannot be moved by the piston.
  • If there is a piston above the chest, the chest can still be opened.
  • The cat can sit on the chest, while preventing the player from using it.
  • In a pocket edition, when the chest is broken, it begins to "tremble".
  • For stone or wood tools, the bonus chest can only contain picks and axes.
  • If you place two funnels under a large chest, they will simultaneously take the resource from it, but visually, the resource will be sequentially removed.
  • If in a pocket edition you try to move a double chest with two pistons at the same time, then after moving the chest will split into two ordinary ones.
  • Chests can be placed next to each other without connecting by holding Left Shift.
  • If, in creative mode, hover the cursor over the chest, hold down Shift and MMB, then you can not only copy it to your inventory, but also the entire contents.
  • If, while moving on the trolley, you enter the chest, then after passing several blocks, you will automatically exit from it.

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