10 Useful Google Services You Might Not Know About

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10 Useful Google Services You Might Not Know About
10 Useful Google Services You Might Not Know About

Video: 10 Useful Google Services You Might Not Know About

Video: 10 Useful Google Services You Might Not Know About
Video: 6 Useful Google Services That You May Not Know Exist 2023, May

Google offers users not only web search, but also many services that require only a browser and an Internet connection. You can use the services anywhere in the world, there is no binding to one computer. True, some of Google's services and tools require additional programs, but they can be installed quickly and free of charge.

10 useful Google services you might not know about
10 useful Google services you might not know about

The main advantage of Google services is that they are kept on one account - the Google account, and everything is combined. Registration is only needed once, after which the user will be able to work not only with personalized web search and email, but also with cloud storage, social networking and many other services.

The most famous Google services: Picasa, Panoramio, YouTube, Blogger, etc. There are so many services that it is difficult to know about all of them at once. Therefore, there are many useful, but little-known services that could be very useful to people.

Google Authenticator

This is a program that protects your account. For reliable protection, just a password is not enough, therefore social networks often use additional measures: verification codes that are generated by a special application, or they are sent to the user by SMS.

Google Authenticator uses a security code to protect personal accounts that are linked to the program. Using the service is free.

Google Alerts

This is a service that allows you not to miss news about your favorite celebrities or companies, new products and other interesting things. Public people can use this service to track mentions about themselves.

To use Google Alerts, you need to select words or phrases by which the program will find publications of interest to the user. And notifications can be configured by choosing convenient parameters: language, number of articles, source, subject, sending time and mailbox to which notifications will be sent.

Google fonts

This service is useful for layout designers and web designers, because Google Fonts is a large directory of free fonts, where you can find sets of both Latin and Cyrillic characters.

Using the program filter, fonts can be sorted by popularity, type or date added: there are many parameters. This will make it easier to find the font you want. And when it is found, the font can be downloaded for local use or connected to a web page.

Google Drawings

It is an editor that can draw flowcharts, build diagrams, and mark up images without leaving the browser. Google Drawings are included in Google Docs and can interact with other services: Sheets, Google Drive. Those. the user will be able to create a diagram in "Pictures" based on these tables, and then save the result in the Google cloud.

Google Academy

This service searches for scientific publications. The user enters keywords, and Google Academy crawls the websites of universities, publishers, professional communities, and other sources. In the search results, the program shows a list of links to the full texts of scientific papers, and to fragments from them. Links are sorted by citations in academia.

Google Sites

This is a simple website builder. With it, the user can select a web page template, customize it, fill it with content, and publish it. Special technical knowledge is not required.

Google Forms

It is a cloud service useful for conducting surveys. You just need to set up the questionnaire by selecting the fields, send the link to those who will take part in the survey, and then see the statistics.

The user can design the survey forms to his liking, add a video or an image to them. The result of the survey will be in the form of a table or diagram.

Search by image

If a person has found the desired image, but it is of the wrong size, or it is spoiled by overlays, this service can help to find other copies of the image in different sizes. Using the program is simple:

  • open the "Google Images" page;
  • in the search bar, click the icon with the camera;
  • download the original image.

When displaying the results, the user can select "all sizes" or "similar results", whichever he wants.

Think with Google

This service is informational, it introduces the world of digital marketing: cases, trends, research results and ideas. The portal contains articles from both Google employees and experts from other companies. Content in Russian. There is a mailing list so as not to miss the news.

Google Primer

This offer is useful for marketers: it helps to understand new trends and professional tools, contains mini-courses on SEO in English, mini-courses in content marketing, online advertising, analytics and strategy.

In addition to theory, there are practical interactive tasks. Small, but the material helps to assimilate. Lessons can be downloaded to a smartphone and watched offline.

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