Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4 Walkthrough

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4 Walkthrough
Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4 Walkthrough

Video: Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4 Walkthrough

Video: Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4 Walkthrough
Video: "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" Walkthrough (100% Synchronization), Sequence #4 [John Elliotson] 2023, March

In the fall of 2015, Assassin's Creed Syndicate was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC - currently the last part of the legendary AC series. In addition to the beautiful landscapes of Victorian London, gamers will enjoy an intense gameplay full of murders, shootings and chases. Assassin's Creed Syndicate walkthrough quickly became one of the most popular topics for discussion in the gaming community, along with requests like "download the game Assassin's Creed Syndicate".

Walkthrough Assassins Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4
Walkthrough Assassins Creed Syndicate: Sequence 4

In the fourth sequence, the player will have to destroy the production of a new drug, meet two Charles - Dickens and Darwin, and find Kenway's treasures.

Sequence # 4

A Spoonful of Syrup

The passage of the Assassin's Creed Syndicate game in Russian continues. In the first flashback of sequence # 4, Jacob has to kidnap the distributor of a new drug called syrup.

Run after the merchant through the sewers through the tunnels. After he gets out of the sewer, catch up with him and knock him to the ground. After talking to the merchant, go in search of the distributor. Go to the market near the railway tracks. Use your eagle vision to find the distributor. When he gets into the cart, follow him in your cart, keeping your distance. Get off the cart at the large factory and explore the area. It will be full of bandits, but remember that your target is the distributor's plans.

Having seized the plans, head towards the marker that will lead you to the main factory. Your goal is the main distributor of syrup. Find him with eagle vision, kidnap him and make him talk.

Unnatural selection

You have located the syrup factory, and now is the time to destroy it. Once at the factory door, you will meet Charles Darwin. Having entered inside with you, Darwin will begin to look for ingredients for the syrup, after which he will turn the lever, and poisonous gas will begin to spread in the room.

When everything in the factory starts to burn and explode, go upstairs and jump out through a small window. Find Charles Dickens - this is where the memory ends.

On the Origin of Syrup

In this short mission, you need to catch up with the carriage of Richard Owen, Dickens's rival, and extort information about the drug's creator from him. After catching up with Owen, climb onto the roof of your wagon and jump onto the fugitive's wagon. Taking control of the wagon, crash into everything to scare Owen and thereby force him to reveal to you the location of the syrup maker.

Cable news

In the fourth flashback of the fourth sequence, Mr. Bell gives you a new assignment and a new gadget. Armed with hallucinogenic darts, you must return his team and get cables for him. After reaching the desired location, climb onto the roof of the nearest warehouse.

The area will be full of bandits with hostages. Deal with the bandits using hallucinogenic darts. Use your eagle vision to find 3 chests with cables in the area and search them. After the rest of the enemies try to flee along the river, catch up with the fugitives, deal with them and search the last chest.


So in the fifth flashback, Jacob enters a mental hospital to kill Dr. Elliotson. You will only gain access to this memory if you go through all the other memories in the 4th sequence.

Find a vantage point on the second floor. At the far end of the hospital, find a nurse who will tell you that the guard took the keys from her, which open most of the doors in the institution. Find the guard with the keys and get them. You can release the nurse if you want.

Find a morgue at the other end of the asylum. When the young doctor leaves, pull the body that you have prepared for Dr. Elliotson with you and hide it behind the curtain in another room, while you yourself take his place. Having done what you came for, leave the hospital.

The crate escape

In the sixth flashback, playing as Evie, you must find the Templar chest. Climbing onto the roof, shoot the bandits with darts and throwing knives. Free the wagon where the chest is located from the bandits. When Jacob appears, you will have to run away from the pursuers on a cart, protecting the chest from them along the way. It is better to shoot not at the bandits themselves, but at the horses in order to immediately get rid of the wagon along with the crew.

Realizing that they can't get away from the chase, Jacob and Evie jump from the carriage onto a boat passing by, while Evie manages to pull a book out of the Templars' chest. This concludes the mission.

Playing it by Ear

Ride along with Mr. Green in the carriage to the Kenway mansion, use the eagle's vision to find the necessary gate. The mansion is teeming with Templars, so it is not recommended to enter through the front door. Climb inside through one of the windows not guarded by the Templars.

To open a secret passage, go to the piano room and play a melody on it, the notes of which are written on the wall above the cabinet. After going down to the treasury, loot the chests and find the letter. When Lucy Tory and the other Templars appear, you will have to look for another way out of the cache. Use the steering wheel to open the door that leads outside.

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