How To Russify A Server In Minecraft

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How To Russify A Server In Minecraft
How To Russify A Server In Minecraft

Video: How To Russify A Server In Minecraft

Video: How To Russify A Server In Minecraft

Minecraft has long become a multinational game, and there are many Russian-speaking gamers among its experienced fans. There are a lot of such players, including on the game servers. There, sometimes even those of them who studied English well (the original language of the game) have difficulties in the gameplay due to misunderstanding, for example, of the inscriptions on the plates or in the chats. The way out in this case would be the Russification of a multi-user resource.

After the crack, the server will become clearer for many gamers
After the crack, the server will become clearer for many gamers


  • - crack
  • - archiver
  • - special plugins


Step 1

You probably sometimes found yourself in a situation during gameplay on one of the Minecraft servers, when, for example, you were required to get some material or item, but its English name was not fully understood by you, which eventually led to confusion in gameplay. Also, you probably have at least once experienced the inconvenience of the inability to write a message in the chat in Russian. There is an official translation of Minecraft into the Russian state language, but it is more confusing than helpful. If you want to get rid of language problems on the server - better Russify it.

Step 2

Try one of the simplest ways to ensure a similar task is completed. Open the root folder of the server using archiver and find a file named font.txt in it. Select the UTF 8 font encoding and replace the text inside the above document with one that includes examples of writing characters in several languages, including Russian. You can download such a text in the corresponding section of many reliable Minecraft resources (for example, Bukkit).

Step 3

If you notice that even after this, the Minecraft server does not display all the Russian-language options (for example, it does not allow you to write to the chat in Cyrillic, giving out other characters instead), try installing one of the special plugins. For example, ruFix may suit you, re-encoding the server into your native language. To install such an add-on, first drop its installer into the server plugins folder. Start your playground control console and then stop it. Open the config.yml document and set its encoding (for Windows it is CP866).

Step 4

In the case when you are eager to have a completely Russian-language server interface, up to the ability to write in your native language in the console, install a special add-on to ruFix - ansicon. Download the archive with its installation files from any reliable resource and copy two documents from its x86 (or x64, if you have 64-bit Windows) folder - ansicon.exe and ANSI32.dll. Drop them into the root folder of the server. Now go to the.bat file that launches your game resource and slightly edit its content. On the fourth line, first (before java) write ansicon, and at the end (after.jar) -nojline.

Step 5

For a global solution to the problem of creating a Minecraft server in your native language, download and install any client or server crack that suits your version of the game. In the latter case, you will receive, among other things, a number of mods and plugins already built in and functioning normally in Russian. In a number of such Russified clients, you will even find the ability to update to the latest version of Minecraft (using the force updating command). Choose among similar programs and methods of their installation what is acceptable in your case.

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