What Are The Most Visited Sites In Russia

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What Are The Most Visited Sites In Russia
What Are The Most Visited Sites In Russia

Video: What Are The Most Visited Sites In Russia

Video: What Are The Most Visited Sites In Russia
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The most visited sites on the Russian Internet, as well as throughout the world, are social networks. They are the ones who collect most of the daily traffic. There are other popular projects with a general focus, but they are noticeably inferior to social networks.

What are the most visited sites in Russia
What are the most visited sites in Russia


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In the first place in the popularity rating is the site "VKontakte". This social network is mainly for Russian-speaking users, but recently there are developments for other countries. The daily audience of VKontakte is more than 60 million people, which, according to official data, is slightly less than half of the population of Russia. The scale is really huge. The site itself was originally created as an analogue of the foreign social network Facebook.

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In second place is another social network - Odnoklassniki. Its audience is about 20 million lower. About 40-45 million users visit this site every day. This social network is intended primarily for adults. Odnoklassniki appeared a little earlier than VKontakte, but failed to gather enough audience.

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The third place is deservedly occupied by the Yandex portal. It is a search engine that allows people to find answers to any question. In addition, there are many additional services that also make life easier for ordinary users: mail, video and image search, blogs, and much more. In addition, Yandex is one of the largest platforms for advertisers, providing contextual advertising services. Audience: 26-27 million daily visitors.

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Next comes the Mail. Ru group of projects, which compete with Yandex and are approximately on the same level. The audience of all services of this portal reaches 25-26 million unique visitors daily. Mail developed as a mail and news service, but then began to implement many additional elements: a social network, games, questions and answers, etc.

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The fifth place is occupied by the "AVITO" bulletin board, which has united many other large bulletin boards. The daily audience is over 5 million people. People need to constantly exchange things and services. "AVITO" acts as an intermediary, helping to find the necessary goods.

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In sixth place is the Gismeteo project. Surprisingly, this small site has an impressive audience of over 2.5 million people. The main theme of the project is weather forecast. Here you can find out whether there will be precipitation in the evening and whether it is worth taking an umbrella with you. Or plan a vacation trip. It is thanks to the convenience, clarity and sufficient accuracy that this project gained its popularity.

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