How To Make Iron In Minecraft?

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How To Make Iron In Minecraft?
How To Make Iron In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make Iron In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make Iron In Minecraft?
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To successfully advance in the gameplay in Minecraft, the player must constantly be engaged in the extraction of various resources necessary to create a variety of tools, armor and weapons, erect buildings, etc. At the same time, some materials are consumed much faster than others, although they can come across more often.

One of the iron ore deposits
One of the iron ore deposits

Mine is the main source of the main resource for crafting

One of the most popular materials in Minecraft is iron. In terms of frequency of use in all sorts of crafting recipes, only wood and redstone can compete with it (and even with an accurate calculation, they will probably lose in this regard to the aforementioned metal). A very strong door is made of iron (which, even in later versions of the game, zombies cannot break down - unlike a wooden one), a hoe, armor, a pickaxe, a sword, a bucket, a trolley and many other things that are often used in gameplay.

In a number of mods, increased attention is also paid to iron. This is especially true of the "technological" version of the game - Industrial Craft. There, this metal is used in many mechanisms. If, for example, an ordinary battery or accumulator can do without it, then more powerful devices for energy production - a generator, a nuclear reactor - cannot be made without iron elements.

Iron ore is converted into ingots needed for crafting in a furnace - by smelting. This process is certainly not complete without coal.

The main source of such material is undoubtedly the corresponding ore. She is found in the play space quite often. However, considering the consumption of this metal, it cannot be said that up to 75 blocks per chunk is such a huge amount.

Descending into the mine in order to look for iron ore, the gamer must certainly dig an underground tunnel deeper, because such a resource comes across only at a height of up to 64 blocks. There is a great chance to meet deposits in caves. You can recognize the blocks of this ore by their color - light brown blotches on a grayish background. However, finding such material is still half the battle. It must be extracted from the total mass of other rocks, for which you need a stone, iron or diamond pickaxe.

Other ways to mine running metal

Meanwhile, iron can be found not only among minerals. Experienced gamers know a few more ways to get hold of the much-needed material. Often, in this regard, they turn into real "treasure hunters" seeking to obtain various resources by searching for places of their possible location in a certain amount.

A treasure trove of valuable resources is not easy to capture, since there is usually a monster spawner there. It is worth going for some tricks: digging, pouring lava into the room, etc. - to get the contents of the chests.

These, by definition, are the treasure chests that the player dreams of coming across. Often in such rooms with chests full of many necessary materials for crafting and other things, "minecrafters" are found underground, during excavations. In the same place, they sometimes come across old mines, in which the chance of finding iron ingots is about 1 in 8.

Such a popular metal is generated even in the treasuries of temples found in the jungle and in the deserts. Going there is a very dangerous enterprise, since such buildings conceal a lot of traps and spawn various monsters. However, the reward for overcoming such trials is great - chests full of all kinds of treasures.

On various servers and maps (usually where the multiplayer mode is set), there is another way to replenish your collection of iron bars - contacting a kind of casino. There, having thrown any resource into the slot machine (sometimes even rotten flesh is suitable), the gamer, if successful, receives a randomly determined prize.

Mob farm for the production of iron in minecraft

Meanwhile, not every gamer wants to rely on the favor of the capricious Fortune in such matters. Many people solve the problem of obtaining a sufficient amount of iron in the traditional way for Minecraft - by crafting special mechanisms that will help in developing the required resource.

In this regard, the so-called iron farm is especially popular among experienced players. Its design may differ slightly in each case, but the same principle remains everywhere: creating a fairly large building with a dome and many doors (which imitates an NPC village) and placing a couple of villagers in an adjacent room. This construction allows iron golems to spawn, which are the source of such metal ingots.

It is important that the ceilings in the rooms are no higher than three blocks, which is why the aforementioned mob will not be able to appear there. Its spawn will be in an adjacent building, where a trap made of water and lava is prepared for the golems (a kind of boiling "soup" that practically instantly kills such a creature).

Particularly adventurous gamers manage to get from one such mob farm to one and a half to two tens of thousands of iron ingots per hour of play. The rest have more modest results. However, the main thing is that such a device allows you to collect much-needed hardware in the inventory in the form most convenient for crafting.

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