How To Get Uin Number

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How To Get Uin Number
How To Get Uin Number

Video: How To Get Uin Number

Video: How To Get Uin Number

To communicate in the ICQ messenger, you need to have your own account. ICQ numbers are called UINs (Universal Internet Number). UIN registration is free. It usually consists of 9 digits, but there are also other length numbers and even alphabetic UINs.

How to get uin number
How to get uin number


Step 1

In order to obtain a UIN number, you need to register with the ICQ service, owned by the Mail. Ru Group holding. To register a new account, go to the Russian version of the official ICQ website: At the top of the page, find the link "Registration in ICQ" and follow it

Step 2

On the registration page, you must enter information about yourself in the appropriate fields. You will need to indicate your name and surname, e-mail address, come up with and enter a password, confirming it, as well as indicate the date of birth, gender and enter the text from the image - protection from robots.

Step 3

Since no data verification is performed, you can specify a nickname instead of a surname, etc. Please note that the password specified during registration must contain both numbers and Latin letters, and its length must be at least 6 characters.

Step 4

After all the fields are filled in correctly, you need to click the "Register" button. The system will notify you that registration has been successfully completed, and to complete the last step, you need to check the mailbox that you specified as "e-mail" during registration.

Step 5

In your email inbox, you will see an incoming email from ICQ Support that contains a link. Follow it to complete the registration and get the UIN.

Step 6

After the UIN is received, and this is a short number or your e-mail, you can enter the ICQ network using any ICQ messenger. You can use the official ICQ messenger, as well as such programs as Agent, QIP, Miranda. There are versions of ICQ clients for mobile devices, for example, JIMM, written for phones with Java support.

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