How To Find Klondike Artifacts

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How To Find Klondike Artifacts
How To Find Klondike Artifacts

Video: How To Find Klondike Artifacts

Video: How To Find Klondike Artifacts
Video: Klondike artifacts 2023, December

Sometimes the developers manage to create such a lively and believable game world that the players themselves "inhabit" it with myths and fairy tales. A similar thing happened with the project "S. T. A. L. K. E. R.": among the characters, the "klondike of artifacts" is repeatedly mentioned, but there are no specific indications for its search.

How to find Klondike artifacts
How to find Klondike artifacts


Step 1

Don't trust videos from Most of them are completely "staged" and have nothing to do with reality: the user himself preliminarily scatters the collected artifacts across the territory, then records a video with an allegedly fantastic find. Such a "fake" can always be determined by the rating of the video and the comments below it.

Step 2

Visit the Avangard stadium in Pripyat - this location is encountered during the passage of Shadow of Chernobyl, the first part of the game. Follow the global map to the soccer field after visiting the local hotel. Formally, you do not need to go inside, however, contrary to the objectives of the mission, go around the stadium around the perimeter and find an iron door.

Step 3

Inside you will be greeted by a large number of enemies with RPGs on the opposite podium - it is most convenient to fight them with a sniper rifle. After eliminating opponents, go down directly to the playing field. After passing several anomalies around the perimeter, you will find yourself in a "clean" zone - inside there is a huge number of artifacts without any dangers. In favor of the fact that this is an "official" klondike, says Garik, one of the characters in the game: he is supposedly sure that the artifact deposit is located in Pripyat.

Step 4

Klondike is realized in the amateur modification "Secret Paths 2". In order to find it, you will need the Serpent's Eye artifact: this stone is not generated by chance, and therefore it can only be obtained at the Radar location, near a hole in the barbed wire (not to be confused with a gap in the mesh fence).

Step 5

Go to the location "Dark Valley". You need to go along the very right border of the map - along the conditional half-meter fence. In this case, be sure to "activate" the "Snake Eye" by hanging it on your belt. The Klondike is located just in the middle of the field, a couple of meters from the fence, away from any landmarks, which makes it difficult to find it.

Step 6

If the search for the klondike was unsuccessful, watch the video given by the link nearby: it shows the path to the deposit in detail. Keep in mind that this video is only valid for the Secret Trails expansion.