Is It Possible To Restore Correspondence In WhatsApp

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Is It Possible To Restore Correspondence In WhatsApp
Is It Possible To Restore Correspondence In WhatsApp

Video: Is It Possible To Restore Correspondence In WhatsApp

Video: Is It Possible To Restore Correspondence In WhatsApp
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The need to restore correspondence from the popular Whatsapp messenger (WhatsApp) may arise in a number of cases. For example, you bought a new smartphone and are planning to transfer all chats from another phone to it. Another common reason is that you accidentally deleted your correspondence and want to recover your lost data. The program developers have provided several options for solving the problem.

Is it possible to restore correspondence in WhatsApp
Is it possible to restore correspondence in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the easiest way to recover messages and files that were deleted less than a week ago. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp has a backup function. Every day, all messages are automatically saved to the memory card or internal memory of the smartphone. Therefore, to restore the correspondence for the last seven days, a simple reinstallation of the application is required.

First, remove whatsapp from your smartphone. Then, when reinstalling, wait for the "Restore Chat History" dialog box to appear and click the "Restore" button. When the application loads again, you will see your correspondence for the past seven days.

Setting up a backup

To be able to restore the correspondence of any age, you need to manually configure the chat backup function. The procedure depends on the operating system on your smartphone.

If you have an android-based smartphone, go to the WhatsApp menu, select "Settings", then "Chats" and "Chats Backup". We edit this function, set the backup frequency and indicate the account where the data will be stored.

If you have an iPhone, go to iCloud through the phone settings, then to your account. We check that whatsapp is enabled and access to the program is allowed. Now in the application itself, select "Settings", "Chats and calls", then "Copy". We set the frequency of saving data.

Backing up chats for both an Android smartphone and an iPhone makes it easy to restore the chat from WhatsApp when you change your phone. It is enough to log into your account or account on a new device, install WhatsApp and the application itself will offer you to transfer the saved chats to the new device. The same method is suitable if you accidentally deleted the correspondence, but managed to enable backup earlier.

Renaming archive files

In the worst case, when more than a week has passed and you have not made a copy of the chats, try searching for them yourself. Find on your smartphone the folder where the whatsapp is installed, it will contain the Databases folder. This is where the backups automatically created by the application are stored for different periods of time.

Pay attention to the file with the complex name msgstore.db.crypt12. This file contains a weekly backup and will be used to restore the correspondence when the application is installed again. Other similar files have dates in their names and are older backups. If you need to restore an archive for a specific period, then find a file with a suitable date and change its name to msgstore.db.crypt12. Then reinstall WhatsApp to access your old correspondence.

However, do not forget that newer chats will not be available to you. They will have to be restored in the same way. Therefore, do not forget to save its source in any other folder on your smartphone when renaming the msgstore.db.crypt12 file.

As you can see, the easiest and most reliable way to restore correspondence in WhatsApp is to manually set up a backup. Therefore, at the initial stage of using the application, it is important not to forget and enable this function. This will allow you to avoid problems with data recovery and transfer.

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