How To Save Animation From The Site

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How To Save Animation From The Site
How To Save Animation From The Site

Video: How To Save Animation From The Site

Video: How To Save Animation From The Site
Video: How to Save and Export your Animation to MP4 Video in Wick Editor 2023, March

Even banner ads are sometimes so useful, funny, or simply beautiful that you want to save them to your computer. And then what can we say about flash cards, cartoons or "cool" avatars? There are several methods for saving animation from sites - analyze your situation and choose the most suitable one, the main thing is to remember about the legislation on the protection of copyright and related rights.

How to save animation from the site
How to save animation from the site


Step 1

Pay attention first of all to the type (format) of the animated file. Avatars and postcards with all sorts of "sparkles" and similar uncomplicated effects, as a rule, are in

Step 2

Use the Save2Go online service to save the animation.

Copy the address of the page containing the animation you need to the clipboard - that is, just select the contents of the browser address bar and press the Ctrl + C key combination.

Go to the page Paste the saved link to the site in the field provided for this - i.e. just place the cursor inside the field and press Ctrl + V.

Click on the "Save from site" button and wait a while - direct links to all the animated files on the specified page will appear below along with a short description (including the format).

Select the one you need among the links - be guided by the name, type and size of the file - and right-click on it. In the context menu, select the line "Save link as …", specify the path to save the file and set the name without changing the extension. If you find it difficult to select the desired link, save all available animations - you can always delete unnecessary files.

Step 3

Do not forget that any animated file that you played in its entirety in your browser has already been saved on your computer's hard drive in the cache folder, so you just need to find this animation there and move it to a more suitable folder. You can easily find detailed instructions on how to extract files from the cache on the Internet, including on the website

Step 4

Install special software to extract flash files. Both individual programs and additional modules (plug-ins, "add-ons") for popular Internet browsers are distributed on the network on a free and paid basis. All the necessary information - a description of such programs, recommendations and user reviews, detailed instructions on their installation and practical use - look for on numerous forums and in popular Q&A services.

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