How To Host A Website

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How To Host A Website
How To Host A Website

Video: How To Host A Website

Video: How To Host A Website
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The creator of his own site has to think not only about the intricacies of web design, but also about where and under what conditions to place his resource. The internet offers a variety of options, so you should choose the one that works best for you.

How to host a website
How to host a website


Step 1

Decide whether you will create the site pages yourself or use one of the free services that provide the ability to quickly create sites. The further order of your actions depends on this.

Step 2

If you decide to create a website yourself, you will need hosting - that is, a server on which you can host the created pages. Find it through a search engine, focus on the cost of the service in the region of 30-40 rubles per month. For this money, you can get quite high-quality service.

Step 3

In addition to hosting, you will need a domain name. You can register it on a variety of services that provide similar services. The owners of many hosting sites often offer, along with obtaining a place for a site, and registering a domain name. Do not settle for this option, because in this case the domain name will not belong to you, but to the hoster, and you will not be able to transfer your site to another server without changing the domain name. Register it yourself. The whole procedure will take you a few minutes.

Step 4

After registering a domain name, do not lose your account data on the registrar's website - you will need to enter your account and enter the names of the hosting DNS servers. There are usually two of them. This is necessary in order to bind the domain name to the server.

Step 5

You have hosting and a domain name, it remains to place the site pages. Go to the control panel of your hosting account, look at the folders available to you - you need the public_html folder. It is in it and upload the pages of your site.

Step 6

You can also host your site on free hosting - for example, on the service It has been working for a long time and has established itself as a completely reliable service, perfect for small sites.

Step 7

To create a website, you can use one of the free website builders - for example, or The registration process takes a few minutes, you just have to choose a suitable template and place the site materials … If necessary, you can use your existing domain name.

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