How To Delete Tagged Photos

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How To Delete Tagged Photos
How To Delete Tagged Photos

Video: How To Delete Tagged Photos

Video: How To Delete Tagged Photos
Video: How To Delete ANY Photo You're Tagged In On Facebook 2023, March

Photos are undoubtedly not only decorating a personal page on a social site. They are also a way of transmitting a variety of information, sharing impressions with friends and acquaintances. But sometimes photos and tags to them are not very good. In this case, their removal is required.

How to delete tagged photos
How to delete tagged photos

It is necessary

  • - Personal Computer;
  • - registration in any social network.


Step 1

One of the functions of social sites is to tag friends' photos. This option is popular with users, but not always desirable. Especially if in the photo you are not in your best form. What to do in this case? The answer is simple - delete the tagged photo.

Step 2

If you are registered on the site, there are no special problems with removing the tag. Just go to the page with the photo, open it and look next to the inscriptions. There should be a "remove label" link next to the image. Click on it or the icon (usually a cross) located next to it. However, in this way you will remove only your photo tag, but not the image itself.

Step 3

Removing the photo from the page of the user who placed the image on the site will help completely solve the problem. Contact him and explain that you do not want this image to be on the network.

Step 4

Do you just want to delete a bad photo? Then go to the personal page of the site and go to the changes section. Depending on the type of site, this step may be slightly different.

Step 5

To change the photo in Odnoklassniki, go to the Photo section from your personal page. Then select the desired subsection - "Personal photos", "Photo albums", "I'm in the photos of friends." Open the folder and click on the desired photo. Right click and select the "uninstall" option.

Step 6

If necessary, you can remove the entire album from the site. This is done in a similar way. And if desired, the photo can be transferred to another album. Just do not forget to indicate which one.

Step 7

With a couple of clicks on VKontakte, you can delete not only the photo and the tag on it, but the entire album. Just select the appropriate item at the top of the "browse window".

Step 8

The function of deleting (changing) a photo is also supported by the mail agent. Open your mailbox after entering your username and password. Next, at the top of the window, select "Settings". It is located in the "More" subsection on the top control panel. On the page that opens, click on the link "Personal data". In the next, perform the necessary actions with the photo. Similar steps - and in other social networks.

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