How To Rate A Movie

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How To Rate A Movie
How To Rate A Movie

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Video: How To Rate A Movie
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In order to objectively evaluate the film, you need to decide on the evaluation criteria. Remember - an objective analysis is important, and not trivial phrases: liked - did not like. There are general points to consider when evaluating a film.

How to rate a movie
How to rate a movie


Step 1

To evaluate a film, you can go from simple external characteristics, such as popularity, box office, or you can also from your own independent opinion. You shouldn't analyze the movie as soon as you turn it on. At the first viewing, it is better to grasp the essence, formulate the general impression of the film, and only after that delve into the details.

Step 2

First of all, the work of the director should be evaluated. To what extent does his vision of the problem coincide with your idea of work. Did he manage to create a unified background of what was happening, could he choose the actors. Did the viewer empathize? Was the film a single coherent mechanism or a set of incoherent lines. How accurate and appropriate was the timing of individual episodes.

Step 3

When evaluating a film, you need to pay attention to the script: are the types correctly selected, does the shooting location reflect the essence of what is happening, whether special effects and tricks are used, how well the makeup is applied and whether the costumes correspond to the chosen era, what props are used.

Step 4

Watch the plot. It can be well-worn, rolling like a banner from one movie to another, containing nothing new, predictable or confusing, boring or dynamic.

Step 5

In every film, the acting is important. What impression do they make on the viewer: do they seem to be reading from a sheet of paper or are they behaving naturally?

Step 6

For an adequate assessment of the film, it is necessary to determine its relevance to the genre. If there is an action movie on the screen: does it keep you on your toes? Does drama make you empathize? Do you feel chill when watching a horror movie or want to laugh: the grandma is crawling on the ceiling, and what will happen if she falls? When watching a comedy, note whether the jokes are flat, below the waist, or unexpected and worthwhile.

Step 7

The evaluation takes into account the purpose of the film: to have fun or to re-evaluate values.

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