How To Rate A Photo

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How To Rate A Photo
How To Rate A Photo

Video: How To Rate A Photo

Video: How To Rate A Photo
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Photo rating has become an integral part of today's social media and dating sites. To express your sympathy for a girl you like and a young man, one click is enough, which is very convenient and practical.

How to rate a photo
How to rate a photo


Step 1

Look closely at the photographs. The first impression plays a big role. Each person always has an image of his ideal in his head. Even with a live acquaintance, sometimes someone who did not like your friends turns out to be ideal for you.

Step 2

Assess your facial features. Pick up a few adjectives, not a jumble of words. If these adjectives evoke positive emotions in you, then we can definitely say that you really liked the photo. Don't flatter.

Step 3

Be natural. Do not slow down and be sure to comment on this photo. Thus, you will increase your opportunity for new acquaintances, and maybe meeting in the real world.

Step 4

Do not be afraid to experiment, express your sympathy not only with the help of adjectives related to a person's appearance, but describe your personal emotions, which will give your words an unforgettable flavor. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Step 5

Never think about what words to choose, thoughts should appear on their own, and not cause difficulties. Express your thoughts clearly and to the point. A couple of details will be enough for you to highlight your personality.

Step 6

Don't compare photos with people and stars you know. Don't let your imagination run wild. This is completely inappropriate when meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Step 7

If your vocabulary is very poor, then use templates and quotes, although it will look strange. In evaluating a photo, personal opinion is very important, so that the opinion about you does not change in the future.

Step 8

Do not overdo it so as not to disgust. Do not under any circumstances evaluate clothes instead of the person himself. You just need to make the person understand that the words written by you are addressed only to him and not to someone else.