How To Promote An Online Store

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How To Promote An Online Store
How To Promote An Online Store

Video: How To Promote An Online Store

Video: How To Promote An Online Store
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Today, the success of your online store depends almost entirely on successful promotion. There are a lot of people who want to trade on the Internet, and there are always fewer buyers than they want. But, before starting the fight with competitors, you need to decide what place in the market you are ready to take. This understanding is necessary in order to correctly determine the area in which you will invest in order to "promote" your online store.

Online store
Online store

It is necessary

Internet surfing skills, the ability to write literate texts, knowledge of social networks and popular Internet resources, the ability to analyze data on resource traffic


Step 1

Based on the type of goods that you will trade and the expected number of audience, you should choose the methods of "promoting" the online store, their sequence and intensity of use. With proper planning and management, a project started from scratch will be profitable in six months, even in a highly competitive environment.

Step 2

For a newly opened store, the most successful first step is to place the price lists on the price platforms. There are enough of them in the Russian internet today. The most popular resources are: Mixmarket, Yandex. Market,,,, It is usually not difficult to place goods there with a description and a link to your resource, and payment is made for the user's transition to your site. That is, the funds are spent directly, and whether a visitor turns into a buyer depends on the price and on the friendliness of the interface.

Step 3

Further "promotion" of the online store is impossible without search engine optimization. The higher your store is on the search results page, the more buyers you will have. Optimization is a complex set of work that is often difficult for non-specialists to cope with. It includes buying links, placing information in directories, writing articles, and much more. You can master all this yourself, but it is better to use the services of specialists (the average cost of their services is about $ 1,500 per month).

Step 4

It should be noted that search engine optimization is appropriate if you are selling popular goods (souvenirs, books, gadgets or travel packages). In this case, the percentage of converting visitors to buyers will be high. If the products are rare or specialized, then search engine optimization should be the last resort.

Step 5

The third step in promotion can be the placement of contextual advertising. There are three most popular systems today: Yandex. Direct, Google Adwords and Begun. Yandex is the leader among them, therefore, it should be paid attention to in the first place. This method of attracting customers is quite effective, but you need to take into account that if the assortment of goods in your store is large, then administration will take a lot of time.

Step 6

Having completed the previous steps, you can proceed to the field of media promotion of the resource. This is an area with poorly predictable returns, but an unusually wide field for action. The more often information about your online store comes across to a random user, the more likely he will use its services. If funds are available, every opportunity should be taken. Anything can be effective: buying banners on popular or thematic sites, affiliate link exchange, posting in directories (such as Rambler Top100) or participating in contests. All this increases the degree of confidence of network users in your store, which will certainly affect profits.

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