How To Find Your Account

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How To Find Your Account
How To Find Your Account

Video: How To Find Your Account

Video: How To Find Your Account
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To communicate on social networks, you need to create your account after completing the registration procedure. You can leave your profile by clicking the "Logout" button, after which you will find yourself on the main page of the site, where you will need to enter your credentials again to log in.

How to find your account
How to find your account

It is necessary

  • - registration on the website or by e-mail;
  • - login;
  • - password.


Step 1

All users with access to the PC can access different pages of the same site from one computer. As a rule, you log into your account from the main page, where you must enter the login and password specified during registration on the social network (e-mail) in special fields.

Step 2

Moreover, the main role at the entrance is played by the login, since the password, if you suddenly forget it, can be restored. With the login, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Although in this case there is a way out. But for this you will need to use the "I do not remember login" option. This may require you to enter your email address. Also, to restore access, you can contact the site support service.

Step 3

The autosave function of user accounts makes it easier to log into the site. To do this, just put a tick in the box next to the inscription "Save password". In addition, you can use the additional settings of Internet browsers, most of which offer to automatically save all entered accounts for logging on to sites in e-mail. Then you don't have to waste time typing a username and password every time. But these methods are acceptable only when one person is working at the computer.

Step 4

If there are several users, the safest way is to opt out of the autosave function, which will help exclude unauthorized access to your personal information. Then, to enter the social network or e-mail, you will have to enter your credentials each time.

Step 5

In order not to forget your username and password, write them down in a special notepad or text document saved in a folder on your computer. Never leave a file with a password or other personal information on your desktop.

Step 6

Change your password from time to time to keep your account safe. And never follow unknown links that come from unfamiliar users and your friends with an offer to look at the specified page. As a rule, such methods are used by spammers and crackers.

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