How To Be The First To Search In

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How To Be The First To Search In
How To Be The First To Search In

Video: How To Be The First To Search In

Video: How To Be The First To Search In
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A high ranking in the search results guarantees good traffic to the resource. Ranking is influenced by many factors, ranging from the correct site structure to content optimization based on search queries.

How to be the first to search
How to be the first to search


Step 1

You should think about the position of the site in the search results even at the stage of its creation. Novice web designers usually focus on the appearance of the site, ease of navigation, try to place interesting materials on their resource. All this allows you to keep the user on the site, but does not help to attract him. The overwhelming majority of visitors come to the site using the link issued by the search engine. If the link is not on the front pages, the chances of someone seeing it are very slim.

Step 2

Start creating a site by defining its semantic core - that is, a set of words and key phrases by which your site can be found in a search engine. For example, you are creating a website about the Moon. The semantic core will include: the Moon, observation of the Moon, observation of the Moon through a telescope, lunar craters, lunar seas, lunar eclipses, moon phases, flight to the moon, lunar rover, expeditions to the moon, secrets of the moon, the far side of the moon, etc. etc.

Step 3

For an accurate selection of key phrases, use the Yandex service: Just enter the words that best describe your site and choose the most relevant keywords. At the same time, use not only high-frequency queries - that is, those that are most common, but also low-frequency ones. The creation of a semantic core is a prerequisite for the successful promotion of a site in search results.

Step 4

The semantic core has been created, now you need to correctly place key phrases on the site. Make some of them the headings of the menu and sections, place the rest in the titles of articles and in their text. Try to enter key phrases organically, they should not stand out from the text. The keyword repeat rate should be between 2-5%. This means that in a hundred words of text, from two to five are key. You can read more about SEO optimization on the corresponding resources.

Step 5

Be sure to register the created site in all search engines, this will speed up its indexing. You should be aware that SEO optimization and registration in search engines alone are not enough for your site to rank high in the ranking. One of the criteria by which search engines determine the rating of a resource is the number of links to it. The more links, the higher the popularity. This means that you should strive to place links to your site on the maximum number of resources.

Step 6

There are a lot of options for placing links. For example, you can register on any mailing list resource and invite users to subscribe to a particular mailing list, while the page will contain a link to your site. You can actively communicate on forums and social networks by putting the address of your resource in the signature. Finally, you can buy links - just type "buy links" in the search engine, and you will find all the necessary addresses and instructions.

Step 7

No matter what efforts you put into promoting your site, the ultimate evaluator of your efforts is the user. If your resource is not interesting and does not provide anything new, the visitor will immediately leave it. Therefore, the focus should be on the quality of the content. If a resource is attractive, its visitors themselves will leave links to it on various sites, which will automatically lead to an increase in its rating.

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