How To Make An Ezine

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How To Make An Ezine
How To Make An Ezine

Video: How To Make An Ezine

Video: How To Make An Ezine
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Creation of an electronic magazine will cost you much less than opening a real edition. You will not depend on the post of Russia, since your numbers will be delivered to subscribers by email. In addition, it will be possible to manage all processes without leaving home.

How to make an electronic journal
How to make an electronic journal

It is necessary

  • - computer or laptop
  • - Internet access


Step 1

First, define the target audience of your ezine and other important parameters. Make up written answers to the questions: "What is a rough portrait of my standard reader?", "What topics will be covered in the magazine?", "How often will it be published?" At the same time, keep in mind that the electronic journal will be of interest, first of all, to active Internet users.

Step 2

Based on the information you recorded, choose a title for the journal and the domain name of your publication's website. Think over the design and layout, identify the main headings. Expenses for the work of a designer, layout designer, purchase of a domain name and hosting for the site - will be the main investments at this stage.

Step 3

Before you bring your brainchild to the market, decide the issue with the authors who will supply you with the texts for the magazine. In the future, it will be possible to buy articles on ready-made content exchanges on the Internet, or to attract readers themselves as authors.

Step 4

Place the subscription form for your magazine on the main page of the site. Usually ezines are distributed free of charge. The main income will come to you from advertising placed on the pages of the publication. Therefore, it is important to take care of the largest number of subscribers. Additional site promotion will help you with this.

Step 5

In the future, post the archived issues of the journal on the website. This is necessary so that potential subscribers have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the contents of the magazine. Take care of advertising the publication on resources similar to it in the subject matter.

Step 6

Select IE as the legal form if there is only one creator of the journal, and LLC if there are several of them. Of the taxation systems, it is better to prefer the STS with the object of taxation "Income". In this case, you will have to pay a tax of 6% of the total income minus pension contributions. You will need to report to the tax office once a year.