How To Install A Tag Cloud

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How To Install A Tag Cloud
How To Install A Tag Cloud

Video: How To Install A Tag Cloud

Video: How To Install A Tag Cloud
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Among the add-ons that are being developed for the WordPress platform, there are plugins to improve the functionality of the site, and there are plugins to decorate it. If you want to combine convenience with great graphics for displaying a floating tag cloud, take advantage of the special innovation of Wp-cumulus.

How to install a tag cloud
How to install a tag cloud

It is necessary

Installing the Wp-cumulus plugin


Step 1

Before installing this plugin, it is recommended to use the localized version, for this click the following link and after downloading it, unpack it to any folder on your hard drive.

Step 2

Then copy the wp-cumulus folder to the / wp-content / plugins directory on your server. To complete the installation, open the admin panel of your site, click the "Plugins" link and activate the recently copied plugin.

Step 3

To make the cloud display the correct tags without mixing with each other, use the setting. To do this, on the page with installed plugins, click the "Settings" link or find the corresponding inscription in the "Settings" section. Because the plugin is completely Russified, its configuration will take you a minimum of time.

Step 4

Most of the settings are free, i.e. it all depends on the user and his taste. Among the required settings, it is worth highlighting the "Uniform arrangement of tags" option. This will prevent all tags from stepping on the heels in relation to each other. To add a floating tag cloud, add the following line " without quotes to the page code.

Step 5

If you want to add this element to the sidebar of the site (sidebar), it is not at all necessary to copy the code to a file in sidebar.php. In the administrative panel, go to the "Widgets" section and copy wp cumulus to one of the panels by grabbing it with the left mouse button. To change the display settings, just open the widget, enter new data, and then click the "Save" button.

Step 6

If the colors of the tag cloud match the image on the site pages, it is recommended to change the colors in the plugin settings.

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