How To Repost On Instagram

How To Repost On Instagram
How To Repost On Instagram

Video: How To Repost On Instagram

Video: How To Repost On Instagram
Video: How to Repost on Instagram (3 Simple Ways!) 2021 2023, September

The social network Instagram fell in love with a huge number of people. At the heart of this network is the publication of photos and videos. Some users, having found an interesting post, would like to save it to themselves. But Instagram has no such feature as sharing someone else's post in your feed. In this case, third-party applications or little tricks come to the rescue.

How to repost on Instagram
How to repost on Instagram

How to repost photos on Instagram

To repost a photo, you need to do the following:

  1. Open a photo that you want to add to your feed;
  2. Make a screenshot of the screen;
  3. In any graphics editor, crop unnecessary parts of the screen;
  4. Add a photo to your Instagram.

This method of reposting a photo allows you to get by with the standard capabilities of a phone or computer.

How to repost on Instagram using the app

It is possible to repost photos using applications. To install the program, you need to search for it in the app store. It is enough to use in the Play Market or Appstore search for the query "repost in instagram".

It is very easy to work with the programs. First, you need to open it and integrate it with your Instagram page. Next, the feed of posts opens. All that remains is to find the photo you want to repost and press the repost button. After that, the record will be duplicated on the integrated page. The most famous and popular app for repost is "Repost for instagram".

How to repost on Instagram via computer

For Instagram users who are on the social network via a computer, the developers have made it easier to repost photos and videos. Each post has a down arrow icon in the upper left corner. If you click on it, the file will be saved to your PC. Then the saved photo or video can be posted on your page.

How to repost from Instagram to other social networks

Instagram provides an opportunity for its users to share photos not only within its network. If a person is registered in other social networks, then it is enough just to link their accounts. Now, when publishing posts, the user can select a network from the list below to which he would like to duplicate his photo.

Reposting your photo to another social network is possible not only at the time of adding, but also at any time later. In this case, not only the photo is duplicated, but also its entire description.