How To Register A Mailbox

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How To Register A Mailbox
How To Register A Mailbox

Video: How To Register A Mailbox

Video: How To Register A Mailbox
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Our life is unthinkable without modern means of e-mail exchange. And every day the number of owners of e-mail boxes is growing. If you are not yet in their ranks - welcome! How do I register my own mailbox?



Step 1

First of all, decide on which site your mailbox will be located.

There are long-lived, stable and powerful email services. Among them are, Yandex. The service positions itself as a national postal service. And they can rightfully call themselves that. Millions of users around the world have registered mailboxes at and successfully use the benefits of e-mail.

Step 2

Registering a mailbox is pretty straightforward. It is necessary on the website in the "Mail" field to click on the "Registration in mail" link.

On the page that opens, fill in the indicated fields. The system will ask you to enter your real name and surname, but it's up to you.

Fields that are not required have the comment “optional”, and you can leave them blank.

Step 3

In the "Mailbox" field, enter the name of your future mailbox. If an address with the same name already exists, the system will indicate this to you. On the same line, but in the next field, select an option for the name of your mailbox. Suggested options:,,, All of them belong to the unified system.

Step 4

Filling in the "Password" field, enter numbers and letters in Latin. Alternate between them. The system will tell you how strong your password is, strive for a high degree of password strength (this is determined by the combination of characters and the length of the password). If you enter an invalid character, the system will again indicate an error to you. Write down your mailbox name and password in a notepad and keep it, do not rely on your own memory.

Be very careful when filling in the fields related to the ability to recover the password for your mailbox. Indicate the phone number, if you think necessary. But be sure to set the secret question, write down the answer and keep it in an inaccessible place. Cases of hacking and loss of a password from a mailbox are common. It will be a shame if you lose the opportunity to read the most important letter in your life due to a ridiculous accident.

Step 5

By default, there is a check mark in the "Create a personal page on My World" field. If you do not plan to create it, uncheck the box.

You are already close to completing the registration of your own mailbox. It remains to enter a special code from the picture in the "code in the picture" field. This is done in order to avoid registration of mailboxes by robotic programs. If you are not a robot, then you can easily cope with this task.

The cherished "register" button will make you the rightful owner of your own mailbox.

Large email services usually provide a sufficient amount of space, provide high protection against hacks and spam.

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