How To Play Vinyl

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How To Play Vinyl
How To Play Vinyl

Video: How To Play Vinyl

Video: How To Play Vinyl
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Recently, the successful choice of a hobby can affect a person's life. So, the love of music can turn into a rather lucrative profession. DJs are so popular today that vinyl record sales are on the rise.

How to play vinyl
How to play vinyl


  • - vinyl records;
  • - special equipment (vinyl players, consoles, mixers, etc.).


Step 1

Define your style. Before you can start playing vinyl, you need to purchase one. But buying the first records that come to hand will not lead to anything good, so first decide what style you want to play. After that, find the best performers in this direction on the Internet.

Step 2

Go to the store or shop online. The records are popular among a certain circle of people, so their sales are limited. You will have to find a store where the assortment is constantly updated, and you can buy fresh releases as soon as they are released. Or shop online, which will make it easier for you to find a specific record in multiple stores.

Step 3

Learn to handle the equipment. Ideally, ask a DJ you know for a short tutorial. If there are none among your social circle, contact a DJing school (for details, see You need to grasp the basics of how to operate the cross fader, adjust the channel levels on the mixer, and turn the pitch on the turntables.

Step 4

Try mixing tracks. To do this, place the needle approximately in the middle of the track. You need a clean beat in this place. Return to the part of the track where the beat is just beginning to enter, listen to both tracks playing at the same time, adjust the pitch.

Step 5

Do some scratches (the ability to make them pleasing to the ear comes gradually) at the beginning of the beat. Scratches are done to the beat of the playing track. Adjust the beats of both tracks (speaker and headphones) and release the one that is audible only to you with a gentle push. Both tracks will start playing at the same time.

Step 6

Listen to the mixing of the tracks. Once you are sure they really fit perfectly, move the cossfader towards the center. If you need to correct a lagging track, just push the record with your hand (or slow down the second one). The vinyl play is based on these actions, but it will take more than one month to successfully master them. Over time, you will be able to tweak tracks directly from vinyl, the experience will give you the opportunity to experiment with sound and adjustment.

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