How To Find Old Clips

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How To Find Old Clips
How To Find Old Clips

Video: How To Find Old Clips

Video: How To Find Old Clips
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A music video usually illustrates a song or piece of music and is filmed primarily for broadcast on television or the Internet. Very often, the demonstration of clips accompanies the performance of a group or performer at a concert. There are a lot of modern clips, and it is very easy to find them, the Internet is teeming with them. But for music lovers of past years, it is a little more difficult.

How to find old clips
How to find old clips


  • - computer with internet access
  • - browser
  • - program for downloading torrent files


Step 1

Go to the browser and try to find a clip by song title and artist in any of the search engines - google, yandex, yahoo. Search all information first, then video recordings. Add the word “clip” to the song title and artist or band name.

Step 2

Go to the site of the VKontakte group to find old clips There is a catalog in the discussions, sorted alphabetically (English, Russian, and also by numbers). The catalog contains a list of performers, the title of the song and a link to the VKontakte video. Use the help of the same fans of old music by writing a message on the wall if you could not find the old clip you want in the catalog. Describe in as much detail as possible what kind of group or performer it is, the name of the song, the possible years of the release of the video

Step 3

Go to specialized clip sites and search by band name or artist name, separately by song title. For example, go to the site or On the last site, you can leave a request to search for a clip, fill it out if you could not find a clip on the site. To do this, register on the site. Click on the "registration" link in the upper right corner, enter your username, password, your e-mail address. After registration, go to the site using your username and place a request to search for a clip. Go to the section "requests for video search" and in the comments indicate the name of the group or the name of the artist whose video clip you are looking for and the full name of the musical composition

Step 4

Go to a torrent tracker, for example, and search by band name or artist name. Often the forum discusses the availability of clips of this or that artist, and you can find there a person who has the old clip you need. In each section dedicated to a specific genre of music, there is a "video" section, go to the desired section and search for a clip there

Step 5

Go to a site with an online video, for example, Search for a clip by group name, artist name, separately by song name. If you find an artist, but a clip for another song, ask a question in the comments about the song you need.

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