How To Find Your Old ICQ

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How To Find Your Old ICQ
How To Find Your Old ICQ

Video: How To Find Your Old ICQ

Video: How To Find Your Old ICQ
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If you have forgotten your ICQ number or password to it, then in order to recover them, you will need the help of a friend or access to the e-mail address specified during registration.

How to find your old ICQ
How to find your old ICQ

It is necessary

Access to the Internet


Step 1

Ask one of your friends, who also has an ICQ account, to give you the opportunity to log out of his account. See if there is any information about your ICQ number among his contacts. If he has not yet added your ICQ number to this list, select "Search for new contacts".

Step 2

Remember what your data you specified when registering ICQ. This can be an email address, first and last name, nickname, gender, age, country. This is necessary so that you can quickly find your account in the list offered by the ICQ system as possible new contacts. Look through the list of accounts, find your own among them according to the data that you have. Select an account by double clicking. Write down the number. Try to log in.

Step 3

If you have forgotten the password to access your account, but remember the number, then go to the ICQ system. Visit the password recovery service page. In the window that appears, specify the ICQ number and click "Next". Enter the answer to the security question, if you specified it when registering your account. So you can get a password by entering the address of any of your mailboxes.

Step 4

If access through a secret question is not possible for you, then you can find out the data you need only from the message to the e-mail specified during registration. To do this, enter its address in the appropriate line in the next window.

Step 5

If you have forgotten which email address you specified during registration, try using the substitution method to find the one you are looking for. After you succeed, click "Next". Receive a message with a link or a code that you will need to enter at the final step of ICQ password recovery.

Step 6

If you still have not remembered your email address or deleted it after registering in the ICQ system, try to recover your password through the browser cookie. This will only be possible if you have recently used this ICQ and have not disabled or cleared Cookie.

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