How To Add Comments To News

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How To Add Comments To News
How To Add Comments To News

Video: How To Add Comments To News

Video: How To Add Comments To News
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After reading the news on the Internet, sometimes you want to express your opinion about it. Therefore, many news sites provide the ability to leave user comments on published news.

How to add comments to news
How to add comments to news


Step 1

Some news sites allow adding comments without registering a user. To do this, scroll down the news page. Either a form that you can fill out, or a button or link "Add Comment", "Submit Comment", or similar will appear. In the second case, click on this button or link and a form will appear.

Step 2

The comment form consists of two types of fields: mandatory and optional. The former differ from the latter either in color or by the presence of an asterisk next to each of them. Fill in all the required fields and, if you wish, some of the optional ones. Enter the comment itself in the large multi-line field.

Step 3

If there is a counter of dialed or remaining characters, keep an eye on its readings - there may be a limitation on both the maximum and (less often) the minimum length of the message. These restrictions, if any, are indicated next to the field. After entering the text, check if all the fields are filled in correctly, and then click the button, which may be called "Submit", "Add comment", etc.

Step 4

On some sites, captchas are provided - pictures with letters, numbers that must be read and the result entered into the field next to it. The signs are written in such a font that their automatic recognition is difficult, but a person can read them. This is a protection against automated adding of comments.

Step 5

Read what you see in the picture and enter in the appropriate field. If you cannot read the characters, click the refresh button next to the captcha. On some sites, instead of captchas or along with them, free-form control questions are used, which can be easily answered by a person, but not by a machine. For example, to the question "What opened in Sochi on March 7, 2014?" answer "Paralympic Games".

Step 6

There are sites where you need to register in advance to add comments. At the top of the page, find a link or button titled "Register", "Register", "Create Account", "Create Account". Please fill in all required fields with your real email address. Come up with a password that is complex and does not match the password from the mail.

Step 7

After checking the entered data, including the captcha, press the button, which may also be called "Registration", "Register", etc. After registering, check your Inbox and Spam folders in your email inbox. Find the message about successful registration, and in it - a link to confirm it. Follow it, and now you can enter the site with the username and password specified during registration and send messages. In this case, there will be fewer fields for filling.

Step 8

Other news sites allow you to post comments without additional registration if you are already registered with one of the social networks. In this case, in another browser tab, first enter the desired social network. Now go back to the tab with the news and reload the page with the F5 key or the browser's refresh key.

Step 9

Use the buttons above the comment field to select the same social network, then enter and submit a comment. Please note that this will use the name and surname under which you are registered in this network, and news readers will be able to visit your account in it.

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