How To Make Money By Creating Blogs

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How To Make Money By Creating Blogs
How To Make Money By Creating Blogs

Initially, blogs were created as online diaries as a kind of space for self-expression of people who either have problems with real communication, or they simply do not have enough of this communication. However, over time, blogs have gained such popularity that it has become not only fashionable, but also profitable to have a blog. A few guidelines will help you use your own internet blog to achieve sustainable financial health.

How to make money by creating blogs
How to make money by creating blogs


Step 1

Use affiliate programs. Find sites on the Internet that would be happy to have partnerships with you.

Step 2

Register, get a unique link and post it on your blog. Payment for your service will depend on the number of people who used the link to go to the partner's website.

Step 3

Organize the sale of ads on your blog. Give information about the possible placement of someone's advertisement on your blog. This should be of interest to advertisers.

Step 4

Place links in posts by registering on or Blogun, find advertisers willing to pay you for links at the end of posts.

Step 5

Place contextual ads. Use the suggestions of the search engines Google, Yandex, Webalta, Begun to place contextual advertisements on your blog. You can get money for clicking on links from your blog.

Step 6

Sell text links through automated systems. By registering with the automatic systems Sape or Xap, you will receive money for placing sponsored links on the pages of your blog.

Step 7

Write custom articles. For laudatory articles about products and services, the advertiser is ready to shell out up to $ 10 per 1,000 characters. Should I refuse?

Step 8

Remember, the more visitors to your blog, the more money you can make. So keep your blog interesting with meaningful, unique articles. Regularly leave links to your blog in the comments to articles on similar topics on other people's sites.