How To Keep Network Connections

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How To Keep Network Connections
How To Keep Network Connections

Video: How To Keep Network Connections

Video: How To Keep Network Connections
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In cases where you actively use a laptop and periodically connect it to the same wireless access points, it is recommended to save the parameters of these networks. To do this, you must first create a new connection.

How to keep network connections
How to keep network connections


USB storage


Step 1

The developers of the Windows Seven operating system have greatly simplified the process of creating a new connection and saving its parameters. Click on the wireless networks icon located in the system tray. Go to the "Network and Sharing Center" menu.

Step 2

Now open the "Manage Wireless Networks" menu. Click the Add button. Select the item "Create SSID profile manually" by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Enter the name of the access point. Select the type of security from the provided options, for example, WPA-Personal.

Step 3

Specify the desired type of data encryption (TKIP or AES) and enter the network access password. Check the box next to "Start this connection automatically."

Step 4

Click the Next button and then the Close button. Now in the "Manage wireless networks" menu you have a network with the specified name (SSID). Click on it with the right mouse button and go to the "Properties" parameter. If you have to deal with networks that hide their SSID, then check the box next to "Connect even if the network does not broadcast its name."

Step 5

If you use several mobile computers and want to create the same network settings on each of them, then go to the "Manage wireless networks" menu. Right-click on the name of the network whose settings you want to save and open its properties. Connect a USB storage device to your computer.

Step 6

Now click on the "Copy this network profile to USB device" item. In the next window, click the "Next" button and wait until the process of copying the network profile is complete. Insert the USB drive into another laptop. Double click on the created file to activate this profile. Remember to configure your network adapter before saving your network settings.

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