How To Put A Beacon On Your Server

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How To Put A Beacon On Your Server
How To Put A Beacon On Your Server

Video: How To Put A Beacon On Your Server

Video: How To Put A Beacon On Your Server
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The MyAC program is used to protect the game server from using various cheats by players. It compares favorably with similar anti-cheats in that it blocks unscrupulous players not only by pressing hot keys and performing suspicious actions, but also at the very moment of starting the cheat.

How to put a beacon on your server
How to put a beacon on your server


  • - CS server;
  • - anti-cheat MyAC.


Step 1

Find the MyAC client on the Internet and download the anti-cheat archive. It is advisable that the program was the latest version, as it contains more information about new cheats and has a greater level of security. Unpack the downloaded archive, if you do not have an archiver, then also download it and install it on your computer. Go to the Client folder and open the config.ini file using notepad or a text editor.

Step 2

Find the value of the Name variable in the text of the file and rename it to the name of your game server. Replace the string Address with the IP address of the server for which the anti-cheat is running. You can mark the port number separated by a colon if there are several servers at this address. Find also the line labeled Servers and specify, separated by commas, the addresses of all game servers that will be protected by the MyAC program.

Step 3

Install a special plugin that prohibits players from entering the server without MyAC. This is only necessary if you have AMXMod installed. Open the server folder at cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins / and copy myac.amxx and AMXX folder into it. Then open the plugins.ini file with notepad and write myac.amxx at the very end of the text. Save the document and restart your game server.

Step 4

Go to the Server directory and open the config.ini file with notepad. Find the line with GameServerCount and specify the number of servers for which the MyAC anti-cheat is installed. After that, in the GameServerAddr line, note the IP addresses of the specified servers, and in the GameServerPas line, the RCON password, which is also specified in the cstrike / server.cfg file in the rcon_password line.

Step 5

Specify 60 in the SentStatusTime line, which shows how often the server is checked for cheats. In the RecvStatusTimeout line, set 500-600, and in the Client Kick - 1. In the ClientMinHLVerIndex line, mark the minimum allowed CS version to log into the server. Save this file and copy it to the anti-cheat folder. Run the SERVER / myACserv.exe and UPDSERVER / UpdServ.exe files to complete the installation of the anti-cheat on the server.