How To Disable Internet Security

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How To Disable Internet Security
How To Disable Internet Security

Video: How To Disable Internet Security

Video: How To Disable Internet Security
Video: ESET NOD32 Antivirus - How To Temporarily DIsable Protection 2023, April

The anti-virus protection program Kaspersky Internet Security is designed to ensure the safety of your computer device from various types of malicious programs. Sometimes it is required to disable the activity of this product in order to make it possible to delete unused files.

How to disable Internet Security
How to disable Internet Security


Kaspersky Internet Security software


Step 1

The protection system of the antivirus product extends its authority to all processes that are launched at system startup, i.e. Kaspersky Internet Security constantly monitors itself even. Some malicious applications primarily try to neutralize the antivirus and only then proceed to more decisive actions.

Step 2

But in some cases, the protection system must be disabled. For example, Kaspersky creates a fairly large number of system scan files, which eventually lose their relevance. It is impossible to delete these files in online mode, so the antivirus must be disabled.

Step 3

To display the main program window, move the mouse focus to the system notifications panel (tray) and double-click on the icon with the letter "K". Call the "Settings" applet, click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner.

Step 4

In the window that opens, open the "Additional parameters" tab and click on the "Self-defense" element. Go to the "Self-defense settings" block to uncheck the "Enable self-defense" item. Click OK or press Enter to close the current window.

Step 5

In some cases, the setup program may require you to enter a password that was previously set. Move the cursor to an empty field, enter a password, and click OK.

Step 6

Now you need to delete unnecessary files or perform any other operation that required disabling the antivirus product. After that, you need to open the main program window again, go to the settings and activate the "Enable self-defense" option.

Step 7

Pay attention to the format of the files to be deleted and their number: accidentally deleted files necessary for the program to work can be difficult to recover. Therefore, to perform this action, you must press the Delete key, and not the Shift + Delete combination. You can also try to simply move them to a separate folder.

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